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Mum divides opinion over what she feeds her two-year-old son

Mum divides opinion over what she feeds her two-year-old son

"I think being strict is a recipe for disaster for most kids"

If there's one topic that can get a heated debate going, it's diet - and this is amplified a thousand times when it comes to what parents feed their kids.

So when one mum came forward to share her thoughts on her two-year-old's diet, you can bet her fellow mums had a lot of thoughts.

Things kicked off after the mum in question posted on Mumsnet under the delightful username 'Sunshineonacloud'.

In the post, she explained that she was at a two-year-old's birthday party and noticed kids eating and drinking things that she doesn't allow for her own 'dc' (darling child).

Kids' party food has sparked a heated debate.
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The Mumsnet user went on to outline the regular diet of her son, who is two-and-a-half years old.

"We just give him milk and water to drink and veg puffs lentil chips and baby oat bars as snacks, lots of fruit and veg," she wrote.

"Occasionally chips or a slice of margarita pizza. The odd mini milk or lick or bite of our ice cream.

"I've noticed children same age snacking on walkers crisps, drinking strong ribena, eating cupcakes, grown up biscuits like bourbons and nice's, midget gems etc."

Sunshineonacloud then said she's noticed her kid being offered 'sugary biscuits' and 'mini Cheddars' at playgroups, but when she declines she can 'tell people think I'm snooty'.

"I'm not, I just thought I was supposed to follow guidelines," she continued. "I'm a first time mum so enlighten me.. do most people let their kids eat whatever?"

The question was met with a flurry of answers, and people are divided in their thoughts.

On one side of the fence, a few mums thought the same and would rather their toddlers snack on healthier eats.

Some people questioned what 'adult' crisps are.

One user said: "Always shocked me the crap people fed their kids.

"Now mine is four I am less strict but still don’t let him have ‘adult’ crisps and he might have a slice of malt loaf or a small bag of animal biscuits.

"But I try and limit this and make sure he has fruit and veg.

"Also he’s only ever had water or milk and consequently doesn’t enjoy fruit shoots etc! You do you!"

But a majority of people felt the mum was being overly strict, including this person who said: "I think being strict is a recipe for disaster for most kids and ‘healthier’ foods are usually still full of crap anyway."

Another wrote: "I don’t think anyone would think you’re snotty per se but I’d question whether you’re actually the one judging them.

"How do you know what the overall diet is of the other children, those are maybe one off treats and therefore within ‘guidelines’?"

A third quipped: "I’m gonna look for 'adult crisps' next time I’m at the supermarket - top shelf are they?"

Other commenters said it's all about 'balance'.

And then there were plenty of parents who highlighted the importance of 'balance' - aka, eating healthy most of the time but then allowing their kids to enjoy a treat at a birthday party.

Amid the tumult, the OP chimed in to explain: "I would allow them to have more of this stuff, I just wanted to know if AIBU [I'm being unreasonable] for not doing it sooner!

"Not looking to brag simply looking for more options for bargaining tools and dinner."

Either way, the OP's message certainly got people talking - with ten pages of comments (and counting), hopefully she got the answer she was looking for.

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