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Mum’s packed lunch for three-year-old seriously divides opinion

Mum’s packed lunch for three-year-old seriously divides opinion

The perfect lunch or inedible?

A mum has sparked serious debate online after sharing what she packs for her three-year-old toddler's lunch.

Daisy Woods has gained quite a following from the parenting tips she posts to Instagram and TikTok, where she goes by the handle @muddlethroughmummy, but this particular video had some followers doubting her expertise. Take a look below:

The mum-of-two was talking viewers through the adorable lunch she packs for her three-year-old, complete with a heart-shaped jam sandwich, a handful of strawberries and blueberries, and some very crafty cucumber and carrot snacks - but it was the 'treat' that really riled viewers up.

Talking her 295,000 followers through the process, Daisy explained: "He's getting a cheese stick, and then in the protein section he's getting two of these homemade protein balls."

Carving the top off a few strawberries she continued: "Now I am no Pinterest mum but I can just about stretch to heart-shaped strawberries. Blueberries for a bit of variety, and then raisins in the treat section."

The mum then chopped up slices of cucumber before using a tiny star-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the middle. She then did the same with carrot slices, slotting one into the other.

This mum's packed lunch for her toddler had some mixed reactions.

"Yes this is a little bit extra but I'm just checking these are the same size because I'm going to be using these cookie cutters I got on Amazon to make these - I don't know what you call them - but they look cool!" she said.

Although the finished lunchbox was undeniably cute, people couldn't get over how Daisy had added raisins in as a 'treat'.

"Raisins as a treat poor kid", commented one horrified viewer.

"I would be sad if a raisin was my treat", admitted another.

And a third added, rather dramatically, that "any kid that likes raisins as a treat are a psychopath."

However, other followers were quick to hit back, insisting that raisins are a perfect treat for little ones.

"Why are people complaining about the raisins?" one TikToker asked. "We had them as snacks all the time."

"I’d be more than happy with this if I was little", a second viewer insisted.

People couldn't believe that raisins were considered a 'treat'.

"You all do know this is a small kid?" added a third. "They would adore this and class the raisins as a treat."

Although she was flooded with support, Daisy also chimed in to defend herself, reminding her followers that she never explicitly called raisins a 'treat'.

"Just to clarify I said ‘raisins in the treat section'", she told them.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@muddlethroughmummy

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