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Mum has 'best idea ever' and makes big breakfast in the slow cooker

Mum has 'best idea ever' and makes big breakfast in the slow cooker

The mum said she'll be using the slow cooker for all her big breakfasts from now on.

A mum has taken to Facebook to share what she thinks is the 'best idea ever': cooking a big breakfast in a slow cooker.

She explained that she'd been meaning to try it out for 'ages' and is now planning to use the cooking hack 'every big breakfast morning.'

The mum then explained how the slow cooker big breakfast worked, beginning by advising any big breakfast fans to place their bacon and sausages 'along the sides so they crisp up'.

The hash browns, she admitted, would also have been better cooked along the edges, but she said they were still 'delicious' the way they were cooked.

She then implied that this didn't go entirely to plan for her and said she will use 'baking paper to help keep them from sticking to the sides' in future.

The next step involved putting any breakfast foods that come with sauce liked baked beans into individual cups to cook.

The mum has shared her top tips for making the perfect slow cooker big breakfast.
Facebook/Needs a Slow Cooker Recipe

The mum also placed her mushrooms into a cup, accompanying them with 'garlic, butter, and a dash of cream.'

She wrote of the time it took: "I turned the slow cooker on low at 11pm. I got up at 8am, and it looked like it had been ready for a while. We ate at around 9am."

At this point, all the mum had to do to create her perfect big breakfast was 'thicken the mushroom sauce' and 'toast the muffins and poach the eggs'.

However, while the mum praised the method, Facebook users weren't so sure about it.

Some worried about the cost, with one writing: "Am I the only one thinking how much did it cost to run the slow cooker all night?"

Another said that there is nothing wrong with making a big breakfast the old fashioned way.

They wrote: "It takes no time to do a great fry up in the traditional way so I can't see the point of this at all."

Then there were those who couldn't help but note that the sausages in the picture look like feet.

One joked: "Oh god I need spec savers. Quick glance I thought they were feet [sic]."

We're not sure if the big breakfast looked as good as this coming from the slow cooker...

"This is how my feet look in the bath," added a second while a third wrote: "I thought they were feet [for] a Halloween joke."

But some people were fans and said they'd be giving it a go themselves.

"Great idea for people with no usable kitchen like us at the moment!" praised one Facebook user. "Only using the slow cooker will try it! [sic]"

What do you think of the slow cooker big breakfast?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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