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McDonald's just released a Strawberries & Cream Frappé and Iced Latte ahead of summer

McDonald's just released a Strawberries & Cream Frappé and Iced Latte ahead of summer

McDonald's fans are buzzing with the news.

Maccies is trying to get us in the mood for summer after the release of two new limited-edition iced drinks. Find out more below:

The fast food chain are experts at bringing out new products at just the right time.

Last month, McDonald's Steakhouse Stack dropped for a limited run and was a massive hit among customers.

Customers are treated to two 100 percent beef patties paired with mild cheddar slices, lettuce, red onion rings and crispy onions, all encased in a glazed sesame water split bun and creamy peppercorn sauce.

What's not to like.

The McDonald's Steakhouse Stack is the newest burger on the menu.

One satisfied customer tweeted: “Just tried the @McDonaldsUK Steakhouse Stack what a great burger nice to have something new to try every now and then!”

Another person gushed: “Had a steakhouse stack from McDonald's the other day. It has #revolutionised my life.”

Now, McDonald's has just dropped two new refreshing beverages just in time for summer and they are both very different flavours.

First up is their limited edition 'Iced Latte', which is quite literally a latte drink which is served over ice.

It comes in at just 104 kcal in the regular size compared to 130 kcal for the large.

'Iced Latte'.

Next, is the slightly more substantial 'Strawberries & Cream Frappé'.

It contains a strawberry and vanilla flavoured base blended with ice, topped with cream and a bit of dusting sugar.

The regular size comes in at 227 kcal, while the large is a little higher at 293 kcal.

Strawberries & Cream Frappé.

As expected, Maccies fans can't wait to get their hands on the shakes, with one person commenting: "Omg those strawberry ones gonna be sold out. I’m calling it!."

Another added: "The strawberry frappe sounds like hmm so good!"

A third agreed: "I will try the strawberry frap sounds really good."

While a forth person admitted: "Not a fan of fruity stuff but that frappe looks good. I’ll try it."

Someone else simply said: "I’ve been waiting for this my whole life."

The two drinks only became a feature on menus just two days ago and are available for a limited time only.

So if you want to try them out, you better be quick.

Featured Image Credit: McDonald’s / Robert Convery / Alamy Stock Photo

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