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Man Is 'Living In 2055' With His Wine Drinking Hack

Man Is 'Living In 2055' With His Wine Drinking Hack

This is sort of iconic.

A man has just broken the internet with his genius wine drinking hack and we're definitely trying this the next time we open up a bottle!

If you're not bothered to pour yourself a glass, but drinking directly from the stem of the bottle seems a little bit messy, then this is a must-try - though maybe keep this one within the confines of your own home...

Watch the trick here:

Sharing his hack, Matt (@matt_dalrymple) said: "You can feel like you're an athlete while you're drinking wine. Quite frankly, it's the best way to consume it."

Although he uses a bottle of Barefoot wine to demonstrate the trick, Matt explained that it should work with most twist-cap bottles.

After Matt's wine-drinking method took off, it wasn't long before Instagram page @todayyearsold re-shared it, joking: "he is living in 2055".

Fans of the trick were quick to take to the comments to thank Matt for sharing his wisdom with the world.

This man's wine-drinking hack has gone viral. (

"Thank for the information sir my whole life I was drinking wrong," wrote one fan.

"This is innovation that excites! 😂" added a second.

"My life problems didn’t need to see this 😅😅😅" joked a third.

And a fourth added: "It’s an adult sippy cup 😂😂😂".

In other wine-hack news (yes, there are more!), a TikTok creator recently changed the game for her fellow wine drinkers when she showed them how she manages to stay 'hangover-free' after enjoying a glass or two.

According to creator @chiaseed_o, all you'll need is a 'wine wand' to stay feeling fresh the morning after.

People are now convinced they've been 'drinking wrong' this whole time.  (

And it turns out this TikTok creator isn't the only one who swears by the little wine wand, either.

Other viewers were eager to comment when they spotted the video, claiming that the tool had worked for them, too.

As if we needed an excuse to try this one out!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@todayyearsold/@matt_dalrymple99

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