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Woman left horrified after man orders milk on their first date

Tom Wood

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Woman left horrified after man orders milk on their first date

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A woman has divided opinion by sharing her disgust over a man ordering a glass of milk while on a first date.

OK, the first thing to note on this front is that there’s totally nothing wrong with ordering a glass of milk.

Sure, it’s not exactly a normal thing to order when you’re out and about, but it’s healthy(ish) and it’s cheap, so whyever not?

The second thing to note is that it’s also totally fine to just not be right into something that someone does, particularly if you’re on a date with them.


Hey, we’ve all got stuff that gives us the ick, right?

Anyway, in this woman’s case, it’s that her date ordered a glass of milk when they were first meeting up.

Sharing her thoughts on Mumsnet, the woman said: "Went on a first date with a guy I met online last night, went out for dinner.

“When I got there I definitely found him attractive. However when it came to ordering drinks he ordered himself a glass of milk.”

She obviously wasn’t expecting that choice, describing it as a ‘turn off’.

It's just a drink, after all. Credit: Pexels
It's just a drink, after all. Credit: Pexels

The woman continued: "I've honestly never came across someone doing that in a restaurant and I just think it's really odd and really put me off him.

“I have tried to work out why this was such a turn off and I can't come up with a reason it just made me feel a bit yuck.”

Fair enough, some things just do make you feel like that.

She then turned to the community, asking where she was being unreasonable – AIBU, in the parlance of the website.

“It’s just so odd on a first date I feel,” she said.

Luckily, there’s a whole group of people who agree with her, describing the choice as ‘unusual’ and ‘weird’.

One said: “It’s childlike. Would put me off too.”

Another wrote: "I think it depends where you were and what you were eating - maybe with curry it isn't that odd, equally burger and milkshake is acceptable so milk isn't a massive step if he doesn't like the texture of a thick milkshake.

“Fancy restaurant having steak or pasta then milk is a bit weird!"

It certainly is.

Maybe at home, but at a restaurant? Credit: Pexels
Maybe at home, but at a restaurant? Credit: Pexels

However, others weren’t so sure, with one person commenting: "Wouldn't bother me. Better than ordering alcohol. Green flag from me!"

Another said: "Maybe he just prefers milk. I do too when at home, never ordered it with a meal so get why you might think it's odd but not the worst thing someone could do.

“It's only milk, he didn't order a pint of blood."

Well at least that’s something.

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Tom Wood
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