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Lidl Is Launching A Churros Maker As Part Of New Spanish Range

Lidl Is Launching A Churros Maker As Part Of New Spanish Range

Lidl is launching a brand new Spanish range and it looks delish.

Lidl has launched a churro maker as part of its new Spanish collection - and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

You might not be able to jet off to Spain this year, but the budget supermarket is offering the next best thing, giving shoppers a taste of Spain with its new summery range.

The churro maker is just £14.99 (
Giles & Posner)

From 22nd July, shoppers can get their hands on a Giles & Posner churro maker for just £14.99, allowing shoppers to make their own traditional Spanish street food from home.

The churro maker is ready to use in just two minutes, allowing shoppers to ditch the deep fat fryer and bake the snacks from scratch.

But the treats don't stop there. Also as part of the Sol Y Mar range, Lidl is selling some mouthwatering Sangria ice lollies.

Perfect for a garden party, the boozy lollies are priced at £1.49 per pack and look delish. Just make sure to store them away from the kids' lollies!

There's Sangria flavoured ice lollies too (

Lidl explain: "Shoppers can enjoy the traditional Sangria flavour combination making these delicious treats perfect for a sizzling-hot summer’s day.

"Available in two other delicious flavour combinations for just £1.49 each, shoppers will want to get their hands on both the sweet and tangy Blood Orange and fresh Watermelon flavours.

"What’s more, there are six to share, meaning they’re perfect for enjoying with friends for a pre or post-dinner treat."

Right, who's coming with us to Lidl on Thursday?

There's a tasty blood orange flavour, too (

In other summer food news, people have been shocked to learn Fortnum & Mason is selling a 500g tub of crisps for - wait for it - £25.

Some shocked shoppers said the crisps must be "magical" to warrant such a high price compared to your standard Walkers crisps for £1.50.

The crisps only come in ready salted flavour. However, the Fortnum & Mason website promises that they are “like none you have ever tasted before” and “will keep you coming back for more.”

You can read more about them here.

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