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People Are Just Learning How To Pour Olive Oil

People Are Just Learning How To Pour Olive Oil

How did we not know this??

So it turns out there's a super easy way to pour out your olive oil without dumping too much into the pan, and we had absolutely no idea!

Yes, it turns out the simple, yet genius hack to get your oil from bottle to pan has been under our noses this whole time.

Watch the magic here:

When you're cooking up a storm and the recipe calls for a 'drizzle' of olive oil, it usually takes a lot of concentration to ensure that you don't saturate your meal - but not anymore!

It turns out, the key to achieving the perfect 'drizzle' of oil is usually thrown in the bin as soon as we open a new bottle.

It makes us feel a little better that we weren't the only ones who knew this, with countless TikTok viewers admitting that this genius hack is news to them too.

"Whaaaat that’s awesome!" commented one excited follower.

"🤔🤔🤔 WTH do you know how much oil I wasted throughout my life......smdh" added a second.

A third shocked user wrote: "What!!!! 😳😳😳😳😳 How???? Why don’t they tell us!!"

Say goodbye to oily dinners! (

One TikToker was horrified that they hadn't thought of this trick sooner, commenting: "😱 just thinking of the amount of oil I wasted from spillage over the years..."

What would we do without TikTok and its endless supply of genius kitchen hacks?

Among other tricks that TikTok has taught us, we recently learned that we've been applying cocoa body butter all wrong!

Yep, many times we've used our nails to apply the moisturising butter, but there's actually an easier way to do it, and your minds are going to be blown - ours were!

And other TikTokers were shook, with many taking to the comments section in disbelief, while others claimed the same directions are visible on the packaging.

People Are Just Finding Out How To Use Cocoa Butter Correctly (

We're honestly learning more from this app than we ever did in school...

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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