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People Are Making Nutella Crumpets And OMG

People Are Making Nutella Crumpets And OMG


If you're looking for an indulgent weekend recipe, that's super easy to make, then look no further.

Say hello to Nutella stuffed crumpets - and yep, they're just as dreamy as they sound.

We first discovered the chocolatey delights on TikTok, thanks to Hayleigh - aka @hayleigh312 who posted her recipe on the video sharing platform.

The crumpets are so easy to make. All you need to do is grab a pack of crumpets, a jar of Nutella, an egg, some sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract.

First up, take your crumpets and turn them upside down, before cutting out a section in the middle of each. Don't cut all the way through and make sure you keep the section of crumpet you've removed!

Next, fill the hole with a dollop of Nutella and place the removed section back on top.

Place the crumpets aside and mix your egg and vanilla extract in a bowl. Once mixed, dip each crumpet into the egg before frying on a medium heat.

While the crumpets are cooking, mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. Once each crumpet is browned on each side, remove from the heat and dip the crumpet in the sugar and cinnamon mix.

Now you're ready to serve! Cut the crumpets in half and watch as the Nutella oozes out of the centre! You can also sprinkle some extra chocolate or icing sugar on top as an optional extra.

Other social media users have been trying out different methods, with one person baking their crumpets in the oven with Nutella and marshmallows, meanwhile some have been creating savoury stuffed crumpets instead.

TikToker @squashedpickled created a cheesy beans stuffed crumpet, while others on Instagram whipped up Biscoff stuffed crumpets and even a 'jam donut' Jammy Dodgers version, too.

We're so ready for lunch after looking at this lot!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hayleigh312

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