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Woman Claims You Can Keep Avocados Fresh For Up To Six Months

Woman Claims You Can Keep Avocados Fresh For Up To Six Months

This is a game changer.

Is there anything more disappointing than going to make some guacamole or smashed avocado and realising your avocado has gone off overnight?

As delicious as they are, there's usually only a very small window to get the most out of those pesky fruits. That is until now!

It turns out there's a genius hack you can use to keep your avocados fresh for months at a time and it's honestly a game changer. Watch the trick here:

Sharing the video to TikTok, creator @shancat134 wrote: "The best life hack EVER".

Viewers were shook after learning the simple tip and took to the comments section to thank her for sharing.

One viewer gushed: "tik tok is changing my life."

"Wait you can freeze avocados?!" a second asked, while a third added: "If I only knew earlier!!"

It's no wonder this genius tip is taking off across TikTok!

After learning the same tip in a similar video from @myhealthydish, one viewer commented: "Such a great tip!! I need to do that next time!"

A second wrote: "Ran to put my ripe avocados in the freezer!"

And a third excited TikToker shared: "I’m today years old!!! Will totally use this trick now."

You could be preserving your avocados for much longer. (

Among other things we've learned from TikTok recently is this shocking tip from skincare expert @skinbyolivera who revealed to us that we have been using our Vaseline wrong this whole time.

Sharing the skincare trick, she captioned the video: "The best tip to keep your lips hydrated all winter long!"

Shocked that they had been applying their Vaseline wrong, viewers took to Olivera's comments to thank her for the mind-blowing tip.

"How did I not know this," asked one shook follower.

While another grateful viewer commented: "Thank you for this !! My lips are cut up during winter".

We can't believe we didn't know about this sooner!

Featured Image Credit: @shancat134/TikTok

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