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Woman Discovers Hidden Feature In Kinder Eggs And It's Blown Our Minds

Woman Discovers Hidden Feature In Kinder Eggs And It's Blown Our Minds

This could lead to hours of fun!

It turns out there's a whole hidden secret inside each Kinder Egg that we didn't even know about - and no, it's not the plastic toy.

Not only do you get a delicious chocolate treat, but if you pick up a Kinder Egg in-store, you can also bring your little toy to life in a virtual reality world. Our minds are blown.

All you have to do is download the app Applaydu, get yourself a Kinder Egg, and watch the magic unfold.

Kinder Eggs have a whole virtual world inside them. Who knew? (

Mum Vicky Tapp made the exciting discovery and was eager to share it with other parents on Facebook.

Sharing the news, she wrote: "For people that buy your kids Kinder Eggs [there's] an app that comes with them so when your kid gets animals you can scan them and they come to life in your home."

When you download the app to your phone, simply open it and tap on the little camera icon, then scan the QR code inside your Kinder Egg.

After you scan it, a virtual version of your plastic toy will appear in the app - how cool!

The Applaydu app is free to download. (

Gushing over the discovery, the mum continued: "My daughter had a Puma and she could see it under our table [and] running around our kitchen she can also feed it food and learn on the app about where it lives and other fun facts, making good use of the naff plastic toys they get inside."

Parents were thrilled with Vicky's discovery, excited to pick up the treat for their own kids the next time they were in the supermarket.

Vicky warned in a later comment to make sure that readers picked up Kinder Eggs that included a sign for the Applaydu app on the packaging, as not all eggs have the fun feature.

According to Kinder, Applaydu is the perfect "edutainment app for children between 4-9 years."

Kinder's Applaydu app is perfect for children aged 4-9. (

The app includes mini games, augmented reality experiences, visual arts & crafts, a storybook builder, bedtime stories to read, and much more.

This is so cool. We can't wait to try it out!

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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