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Customers urged to return six Cadbury chocolate desserts and warned not to eat them

Customers urged to return six Cadbury chocolate desserts and warned not to eat them

Müller has issued an urgent recall.

While it may look rather tasty sitting there in your fridge, you are certainly going to want to think twice when it comes to eating that Cadbury chocolate dessert.

That is because Müller is recalling six of its favourite Cadbury desserts in the UK and Ireland over fears the products could contain listeria.

Listeria is a bacteria that can end up infecting people with Listeriosis - a rare infection that usually just passes for many, but can cause serious problems for some.

While you can get it from lost of types of foods, it is mainly a problem with chilled, ready-to-eat foods, according to the NHS.

And yoghurt deserts certainly fall into that category, with a certain batch of Cadbury delights now having a strict warning over them.

The warning has been issued on six Cadbury chocolate desserts.
Carolyn Jenkins / Alamy Stock Photo

The recent alert, issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), relates to six Cadbury chocolate desserts - the 75g Crunchie, Daim, Flake, Dairy Milk Buttons and Dairy Milk Chunks, all of which are sold separately.

Before you start rushing to the shop, you'll want to check the use-by dates on your desserts.

Concerns have been raised for the Crunchie and Flake desserts that have a use-by date of the 17 May, while the rest is the 18 May.

It has also been announced that the Cadbury Heroes desserts - with a use by date of 18 May - are also being recalled.

If you do have any of these items stocked in your fridge, please return them to your local store, where you will be issued with a refund even if you do not have a receipt.

On Monday (1 May), the FSA said that Müller were taking the 'precautionary step' by recalling the products.

While the majority will have mild symptoms if they contract the infection, it can become more severe in rare cases, causing serious complications such as Meningitis.

In a statement, the FSA said: "Symptoms caused by this organism can be similar to flu and include high temperature, muscle ache or pain, chills, feeling or being sick and diarrhoea.

"Some people are more vulnerable to listeria infections, including those over 65 years of age, pregnant women and their unborn babies, babies less than one month old and people with weakened immune systems."

If you are in possession of any these Cadbury products, you should return them as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Müller said in a statement provided to Tyla: "“Müller UK & Ireland has taken the decision to recall some batches of certain Cadbury chocolate dessert that it produces as a precautionary measure.

“We are asking consumers to return any affected products to the store from where it was bought. For further information, they can contact our consumer care team on [email protected] or 07354 835 893.

“This is an isolated incident which only impacts these products in the UK and Ireland, and no other products we make in the UK or other markets are impacted.”

Featured Image Credit: Carolyn Jenkins / Alamy Stock Photo / Cadbury

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