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The Crown season six has finally landed on Netflix today

The Crown season six has finally landed on Netflix today

It's going to be an emotional one...

The Crown season six has FINALLY landed on Netflix today – well, the first half of it, anyway – ready to take us through one of the most traumatic eras of the current royal family’s life. Watch the trailer here:

Season six covers events from 1997 through to 2005, and will broadly span the tenure of former Prime Minister Tony Blair (played by Bertie Carvel).

“A relationship blossoms between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed before a fateful car journey has devastating consequences,” a synopsis for the new series says.

"Prince William tries to integrate back into life at Eton in the wake of his mother’s death as the monarchy has to ride the wave of public opinion.

“As she reaches her Golden Jubilee, the Queen reflects on the future of the monarchy with the marriage of Charles and Camilla and the beginnings of a new Royal fairytale in William and Kate."

Elizabeth Debicki and Imelda Staunton as Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth.

Part 1 will see Elizabeth Debicki reprise her role as Princess Diana, with Imelda Staunton continuing her reign as Queen Elizabeth II, alongside the likes of Dominic West as Prince Charles, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip and Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret.

Also returning are Salim Daw as Mohamed Al Fayed and Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Fayed.

Meanwhile, Rufus Kampa and Fflyn Edwards make their debuts as Princes William and Harry – two characters fans are excited to see.

The first instalment of the new season launches with four episodes, which follow Diana’s blossoming romance with Dodi Fayed – and the fateful car crash in Paris that claimed both of their lives in 1997.

Khalid Abdalla also returns as Dodi Fayed.

Part 2, which drops next month on 14 December, will span six episodes as we see William navigating life at Eton after the death of his mother, along with Queen Elizabeth approaching her Golden Jubilee, and a new romance for William and Kate.

Many people are looking forward to seeing the drama unfold, even if they know it’s going to be a particularly emotional journey this time round.

Writing about the new season on Twitter, one fan wrote: “Season 6 of The Crown is out. This is about to be a sad morning. I'm not ready for this.”

Someone else said: “I’ll be seated for the #TheCrown Season 6 Part 1 Words can’t describe how brilliant I think this show is. So impeccably well made across the board.”

A third added: “The opening of the crown season 6 gave me chills. I just know I'm going to cry this season.”

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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