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Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out sparks huge disgust from BBC viewers after seeing conditions of family home

Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out sparks huge disgust from BBC viewers after seeing conditions of family home

They've rushed to social media to share their thoughts

Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out has sparked quite the reaction online from BBC viewers after seeing the conditions of one family's home.

Stacey and her team have returned to our screens once again as they help families across the nation totally transform the homes with a 'life-changing declutter'.

In the latest episode of the BBC One series, the 34-year-old and entourage were

were introduced to the Fountain family. Have a look:

However, viewers were in complete disbelief when Stacey struggled to even get through their front door, as she gasped: "Oh my god, I can't actually open it!

"You can't get through this door. This has never happened."

They had to use the back door to enter the property before behind met with piles upon piles of boxes, papers and other clutter piled halfway to the ceiling in some rooms - something many at home were left very concerned about.

BBC viewers were shocked by the family home on Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out.

Taking to social media, one viewer slammed the family and claimed the children 'were the only ones with common sense'.

They tweeted: "I really can’t believe that young, fit & healthy people could let their home get into such a disgusting state!?! The children are the only ones with any common sense."

"Sorry but no excuses to live like this..." hit out a second. "Lazy is as lazy does! Lovely kids can now have their mates over... well done."

A third chimed in: "Felt sorry for the children to have to live like that."

"Omg what is wrong with those parents?" hit out a fourth. "Those poor girls."

A fifth, however, took the opportunity to point out that hoarding is very much so a real problem and that keeping on top of a household while juggling the chaos of everyday life can be harder for some than others.

Stacey and the team were put to work decluttering the home.

They explained: "People seem to be forgetting that life is tough. Maybe this couple just couldn't bring themselves to start. It can so easily happen. Well done to Stacey for not judging."

Clearly seeing the glass half full, another kindly praised: "Stacey has made it a gorgeous home again.

"So happy for the parents and these kids who can now invite their friends over. Lovely family."

After successfully moving all the family's belongings to a warehouse to show them just how much clutter they had accumulated over the year, Stacey's team gave the Fountain home a total makeover leaving them in tears following the big reveal at the end.

Sort Your Life Out is available to watch on BBC One and iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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