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One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Lenz reveals kissing co-star in real life

One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Lenz reveals kissing co-star in real life

The Haley James Scott actor opened up about the alleged smooch on her podcast

Bethany Joy Lenz has revealed she and one of her One Tree Hill co-stars shared a kiss - and it wasn’t her on-screen husband, James Lafferty.

Florida-born actor Bethany, 42, is best known for her portrayal of kind-hearted musician Haley James Scott on the hit teen drama series.

The nine-season show first aired in 2003 and initially followed the relationship between paternal half-brothers Lucas Scott (played by Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James).

Fans will remember a plethora of wild storylines that ran across the 187-episode show, including Peyton Sawyer (Hilaire Burton Morgan) discovering her brother was her stalker and Nanny Carrie (Torrey DeVitto) kidnapping Haley and Nathan’s son, Jamie (Jackson Brundage).

Bethany, alongside Hilarie, 41, and Brooke Davis actor Sophia Bush, 41, currently fronts the Drama Queens podcast.

Bethany Joy Lenz played Haley James Scott between 2003 and 2012.

It's a rewatch podcast where the show’s three female leads discuss each episode of One Tree Hill while offering fans behind-the-scenes tidbits and personal anecdotes.

During an episode entitled ‘I Need…..Love?’ Bethany revealed to her co-stars that she and Paul Johansson once shared an off-set kiss.

The 60-year-old played Dan Scott - the infamous father-in-law of Haley and the main antagonist throughout the early seasons of One Tree Hill.

While speaking about Haley and Dan’s on-screen kiss in series six, Bethany revealed to her Drama Queens co-hosts that she also kissed the actor in ‘real life’.

Speaking about the smooch, she said: “Yeah, I have kissed Paul in real life and he’s a good kisser!”

In reply, both Hilarie and Sophia asked their friend to ‘tell us everything’ before Bethany revealed the pair were ‘just friends’.

“Well you know, we’re friends, you’re not friends, you never know what’s going to happen.

“Anyways we are friends - he’s a good kisser. So it was weird in that moment to be having a struggle kiss with someone who’s a good kisser and then slapping him in the face.”

Paul Johansson portrayed Bethany's on-screen father-in-law, Dan Scott.

Tyla has reached out to Johansson for comment, with reps for the star telling E! News that the two remain good friends.

Elsewhere, Bethany hit headlines recently after revealing the name of the ‘abusive, high-demand group (AKA cult)’ in which she’d spent decades of her life.

The actor is set to detail the ‘spiritual abuse’ she suffered at the hands of the cult in her new memoir, Dinner for Vampires.

As per publishing house Simon and Schuster, the mother-of-one first found solace in a Bible study group with other Hollywood creatives.

However, the group morphed into ‘something more sinister - a slowly woven web of manipulation, abuse, and fear under the guise of a church covenant called The Big House Family.’

Speaking to PEOPLE, the star said that while writing the upcoming memoir had been ‘easy’, delving into her past had been ‘difficult’.

“Recovery looks different for everyone, depending on your experience of trauma," she told the publication.

“I had to start from a baseline of my personal understanding of God and the experiences I had had.”

Dinner for Vampires, the new memoir by Bethany Joy Lenz, will be released on 22 October and is available to pre-order now.

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