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Netflix viewers' 'blood boiling' after watching 'harrowing' new true crime documentary

Netflix viewers' 'blood boiling' after watching 'harrowing' new true crime documentary

The stranger-than-fiction case has now become the centre of a mind-blowing Netflix docu-series

Netflix viewers are saying their ‘blood is boiling’ after watching a ‘harrowing’ new true crime documentary about the disappearance and death of a young woman – a case that continues to raise question marks to this day.

Watch the trailer below:

Back in 2012, 25-year-old Sheena Bora went missing after mysteriously from her executive role working for Mumbai Metro One, supposedly sending her boyfriend and step-brother Rahul Mukerjea a break-up text.

At the time, her mother Indrani Mukerjea claimed that Sheena had left India to be educated in the United States, having originally told everyone she was her sister, not her daughter.

However, Indrani would go on to become one of the prime suspects in the case, and three years later was arrested by Mumbai Police in connection with Sheena’s alleged murder.

Sheena's step-father Peter Mukerjea was also later arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), with a charge sheet describing the retired British television executive and his wife as 'equal participants' in getting rid of Indrani's daughter.

Sheena Bora.

After being sent to a women’s-only prison in Mumbai, several of her pleas for bail were rejected – until it was granted in 2022, allowing her to be released on bail following seven years in prison.

The stranger-than-fiction case has now become the centre of a mind-blowing Netflix docu-series, which has been climbing the streamer’s TV charts after leaving viewers well and truly shocked.

“Some questions will haunt you forever, and some scars refuse to fade away,” a tagline for The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth says.

In a teaser trailer for the documentary, Indrani continues to claim her innocence.

“I’ve not been the perfect mum, but that also does not make me a murderer,” she asserts, adding: “Why do I need to commit a murder? It’s so ridiculous.”

Indrani then says: “I am convinced about one thing: Sheena is definitely alive, and I know she’s roaming around somewhere.”

While Indrani and her husband are the main accused in the case, she maintains that Sheena is still alive.

Indeed, the former HR consultant and media exec has previously alleged that Sheena is still alive, having discussed her theory in detail in her 2023 book Unbroken: The Untold Story, where she said she had been ‘framed’ for her daughter’s murder.

“I am now at peace after Sheena was spotted at the Guwahati airport by my friend - Saveena. Being an advocate herself, her quick thinking got us the footage of Sheena from the airport…” she said in the memoir.

Indrani added: “Something changed in me after this information came to the fore. The person I am accused of killing is out and about, while I was rotting in jail.

“Why hasn't she come out openly? I don't know. I am sure there are reasons and pressures holding her back. But this is the second time I have been told Sheena is alive.”

The 'harrowing' docu-series is out now.

But many people remain unconvinced by her story – even after sharing her side of the story in the new Netflix series – believing there was something sinister behind Sheena’s death.

One person tweeted: “I love a good true crime doc but watching #IndraniMukerjea made my blood boil... wdym Sheena's remains are still in custody and we're watching [Indrani Mukerjea]... do whatever she's doing? Gross I feel gross after watching this.”

Someone else said: “Currently watching The #IndraniMukerjea story - #BuriedTruth Nerve-wracking watch. My stomach is churning, blood is curdling. Indrani is devilish, wicked, despicable. Baffling to see her having no scruples, remorse or compunction. I’m just aghast.”

A third wrote: “Harrowing as heck. INDRANI Mukerjea.”

According to Forbes, the release of the shocking documentary was delayed by a week, following an order from India’s Bombay High Court.

A court case filed by the CBI argued that the series must be screened by the investigative agency before being granted a digital release.

Netflix ultimately arranged for CBI officials to watch the documentary before the end of last month, before it premiered on the streaming site.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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