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Martin Lewis apologises for making 'terrible' comment about children on live TV show

Martin Lewis apologises for making 'terrible' comment about children on live TV show

The Money Saving Expert took to Twitter to address his comment

Martin Lewis has come forward to apologise after making a 'terrible' comment about children on live TV.

The Money Saving Expert graced our screens on his The Martin Lewis Money Show which aired for a special hour-long edition on ITV this Tuesday (14 November).

During the segment, Lewis shared tips on savings accounts for children after a granddad asked for advice on the 'best way' to put money away for his grandkids.

When answering the question, Lewis clearly had an issue with his choice of wording and later took to X, formerly Twitter, to apologise for the blunder.

He penned: "Just realised in the heat of live show I said 'adoptive children or your children' - terrible phrasing, sorry."

Lewis went on to clarify: "Adopted children are of course your children."

He did, however, take the opportunity to share some further advice for any parents out there looking for money-saving tips.

The financial guru went on: "Important tho to highlight many adopted children age 12 to 21's parent may not know they have a Child Trust Fund poss worth £1,000.

"So do check on to see if you can trace it (other parents who may've lost track of it can do the same too)."

Many fans rushed to Lewis' defence in the replies with one Twitter user assuring: "Martin as a father of four adopted children I am not in the least offended.

Martin Lewis took to Twitter to apologise for his 'terrible' word choice.

"TBH I didn't even notice. Would like to say thanks for your switching advice as two of the kids are 18+ now and we have 4 regular switchers in the family which has made made us nearly £2,000 in the last year."

A second penned: "Thanks Martin, father of three adopted children and I wasn't offended, but glad you are sensitive and give language consideration. Also, one of mine is 12 so will check the trust fund tip out. Thank you!"

"As a father to three adopted children, I wouldn’t be offended at all," echoed a third. "The phrasing isn’t terrible, slightly clumsy at worst.

"Thanks for the apology though and all the excellent advice and carry on with the good work!"

Lewis has been broadcasting a whole load of money saving hacks recently in the run up to the colder months including a 2p trick for keeping warm without turning on the heating.

Fans of the Money Saving Expert rushed in to praise him for coming forward following his comments.

The expert shared advice on how we can all stay warm without breaking the bank pointing to the likes of heated throws and blankets as one of the solutions Martin Lewis and the Money Saving Expert team suggested in their 'heat the human not the home' article.

According to the MSE website’s latest advice, the heated gadgets that are cheapest to run are the ones that can be charged via a USB.

The initial cost of buying the item should also be factored in.

Lewis and his team recently explained on the website that instead of reaching for the thermostat, plugging in a heated blanket would cost you just 2p per hour.

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