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Fans stunned after discovering former Deal Or No Deal presenter Noel Edmonds’ real age

Fans stunned after discovering former Deal Or No Deal presenter Noel Edmonds’ real age

Noel Edmonds' real age shocked fans during his This Morning interview

There are some celebrities that are practically vampirical and it’s increasingly difficult to figure out their exact age.

From the likes of the never-aging Paul Rudd to Shakira, celebrities often have the ability to keep their youth well beyond what you or I could.

But it’s not just for the American A-listers, there are some fan-favourite TV Brits on the list of those who can look two decades younger too.

You might not have thought about Deal or No Deal for a while, but it’s the host who is causing a stir online due to his looks.

After the former entertainer for the show joined ITV’s Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary on the show on Wednesday (14 February) to pay tribute to legendary radio host Steve Wright after his sudden death, fans were shocked to learn of his real age.

Noel Edmonds is best known for being the host of Deal or No Deal.
Channel 4

Noel Edmonds' real age is certainly higher than most people would have thought which led to questions about his beauty secret.

After the BBC Radio 2 host sadly passed away aged 69 on Tuesday, his colleagues and listeners were left grieving the loss.

Noel went on This Morning to praise Steve for being a ‘marvellous man’ and declared that this was the ‘end of an era’, according to The Mirror.

He said to the presenters: "He had integrity, he had sincerity, he had this incredible commitment to the people he would never meet. We are unfortunately, I think, coming to the end of that radio era. So please, cherish the Ken Bruces and Tony Blackburns, cherish them because we're coming to the end of an era."

His lovely words sparked tears from those watching from home, however, many viewers of the show also took to social media to talk about how youthful Noel was looking these days.

Noel was paying an amazing tribute to the late radio host, Steve Wright when fans were shocked about Noel's age.

One person wrote: "Didn't know that Noel Edmonds emigrated to NZ - he hasn't aged a bit! #ThisMorning."

Another said: "Noel Edmonds hasn't aged . Nice words Noel . Come back to TV over here mate #RIPSteveWright #ThisMorning."

Someone else commented: "What elixir is Noel Edmonds taking - he’s 75 !!!! #ThisMorning - another replied: "I was just thinking that."

A fan penned: "He still looks the same as he did in the 80s!"

Another person said: "Well said from Noel Edmunds. We are nearing the end of a generation of wonderful broadcasters … truly my generation #ThisMorning #RIPSteveWright." Another added: "Lovely tribute from noel edmunds #thismorning" while someone else said: "Nice words Noel #RIPSteveWright #ThisMorning."

Maybe it’s the New Zealand air?

Noel relocated to the sunny island shortly after Deal or No Deal came to an end in 2016.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/ITV

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