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People are realising where they’ve seen Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey before

People are realising where they’ve seen Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey before

The penny's only just dropped for some Bridgerton fans

With season three of Bridgerton finally with us, it seems many people are only just realising where they've seen some of its stars before - including none other than Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey.

Some fans were shocked recently to realise that the actor behind matriarch Violet Bridgerton has already played another famous mother before, having only just recognised her as Tracey Beaker's mum.

The third season is out now (Netflix)
The third season is out now (Netflix)

"The fact that Tracy Beaker's mum is in Bridgerton. She really was a famous actress after all, I knew Tracy wasn't lying," one wrote, sharing side-by-side shots of Ruth as violet and as Tracy's mum, Carly.

But it seems people are equally stunned after twigging one of Bailey's previous acting credits, as he once featured in another of their favourite shows.

Since Bridgerton has been gracing our screens, many viewers have realised that they recognise Bailey from Chewing Gum, starring Michaela Coel.

Just a couple of months ago, one fan tweeted: "I just realised Jonathan Bailey is the guy from Chewing Gum."


The penny dropped for others a little sooner - but only when we were in season two, which centres on Anthony's quest to find a wife - the next Viscountess Bridgerton.

"Oh my goodness…. is the guy from Bridgerton that boy in Chewing Gum????????" one said at the time.

While another commented: "WAIT HOLD ON the fetish man from Chewing Gum is the Bridgerton guy omg!?!"

And a third added: "Ever since I realized that Anthony Bridgerton also played this guy from Chewing Gum, I have a really hard time unseeing it and I hate myself for it."

It wasn't the only detail fans noticed about Anthony, either. Did you spot what changed to his appearance between seasons one and two?

Yep, Anthony's sideburns are notably absent during the second season - and people were pretty happy about it.

The de-evolution of Anthony's facial hair (Netflix/Twitter)
The de-evolution of Anthony's facial hair (Netflix/Twitter)

It's a transformation that's still being discussed online by fans, with one recently tweeting: "Bro Anthony looks so much happier in like the first episode of season 3 then he did in like the whole show especially compared to season 1 he looks so much happier also thank the Lord they got rid of that man's sideburns."

You can catch Bridgerton on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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