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Bridgerton viewers in shock after discovering character from the show is from iconic British TV series

Bridgerton viewers in shock after discovering character from the show is from iconic British TV series

Netflix fanatics can't believe they didn't notice this before

It's been over a week since the eagerly-awaited third instalment of Bridgerton finally dropped on Netflix, and still, viewers seemingly cannot get enough of the high-society gossip circulating The Ton this year.

As well as the already-dedicated tuning back for the brand new addition to the show's impressive roster - many of whom have followed Lady Whistledown's insights since the show's debut back in 2020 - there seems to be a fresh batch of viewers jumping onto the Bridgerton bandwagon this time around.

And along with the fanbase's latest additions, naturally, comes some brand new perspectives on the show, with many newbies noticing hidden gems, secret character parallels and the behind-the-scenes goings on for the very first time.

Earlier this week, the 19th century period drama hit the headlines after a small group of eagle-eyed viewers believed they'd 'worked out' the 'real reason' why fan-favourite Lady Danbury (played by Adjoa Andoh) walks with a cane, with the mystery not yet having been explicitly solved on the show.

And another group of fans making the staggering realisation that not only that one particular Bridgerton actress actually has some very famous parents in real life, but that another globally-famed star actually voices the notorious Lady Whistledown herself.

On top of this, today a small batch of fans have noticed ANOTHER peculiarity within the show, after realising that one of the longest-standing characters has actually appeared on another much-loved British television series in the past.

Acting favourite Hugh J Sachs has played the comedically-timed, gossip-obsessed right-hand-man to Queen Charlotte, Brimsley, since the first series of the show.

Viewers can't believe where they've seen the Queen's aid Brimsley before. (Netflix)
Viewers can't believe where they've seen the Queen's aid Brimsley before. (Netflix)

What has dawned upon a small group of viewers this week, however, is that they've actually seen Sachs acting before, in a legendary noughties sitcom which became a firm ITV favourite back in the day.

We are, of course, talking about Benidorm, in which Sachs plays a camp, overweight hairdresser on holiday in the Costa Dorada with his partner, Troy.

"When you realise Hughesly (queens aid) in #bridgerton is Gavin from #benidorm," one Bridgerton viewer penned on social media this week.

Another went on to ask: "why is gavin from benidorm in bridgerton"

"can’t believe that non-brits are watching #queencharlotte completely unaware that the actor who plays the older brimsley is THE gavin from benidorm. a legend, an icon," a third continued.

Reflecting on his former comedy role in an interview back in 2020, Sachs described Benidorm as a show 'loved by the people for whom it was made — mainly white, working-class people who holiday in that part of Spain'.

Hugh Sachs previously appeared in ITV's Benidorm. (ITV)
Hugh Sachs previously appeared in ITV's Benidorm. (ITV)

He went on: "I left that show in 2011, and they carried on for another five seasons. People recognise me for that all the time here, which is weird.

"But I think it’s because Netflix bought it six months before lockdown, and lots of people started watching it from the start."

Hugh J Sachs went from Benidorm to Bridgerton.

What a journey!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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