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The Apprentice viewers slam task ‘worst that has been seen’

The Apprentice viewers slam task ‘worst that has been seen’

The contestants tried to sell items including tents, a play pool and an electric grass trimmer

BBC’s The Apprentice has been on our screens for a staggering 18 seasons, meaning viewers have spent so much time with the show, they know exactly which tasks they like to watch and which ones they don’t.

Last night’s episode (28 March) was a huge swing and a miss, with viewers slamming it as the ‘worst that has been seen’.

This week, the task revolved around teleshopping.

Last nights episode of The Apprentice didn't go down too well with viewers.

In order to prep the contestants, TJC hosts Marina Berry and Derek Gibbons gave them a masterclass in presenting – but it was clear they didn’t use it to their advantage.

The contestants tried to sell items including tents, neck pillows, a play pool and an electric grass trimmer.

It was car crash TV as Raj repeatedly said ‘wow’ in an attempt to sell products, Tre attempted to flog the play pool by saying buyers could have ‘adult fun’ in it, and Maura couldn’t stop shouting.

It was 'car crash TV'.

While attempting to sell a tent, Maura apparently couldn’t speak at a normal volume, which led to terrible sales and complaints from her fellow team members.

'Tell her to stop shouting!' her team urged, but it was too late for an oblivious Maura, who kept shouting to the bemusement of viewers.

She shouted, “who’s going camping? Me!”

When it came down to Lord Sugar’s boardroom feedback, he said “I'm sorry Maura but you turned people off.” Ouch.

Lord Sugar blamed the project manager, Raj, for not taking Maura off screen, so he fired him.

But he then continued: “Maura it is with regret that you’re fired.”

The disastrous task led to a double firing.

Filmed leaving the show, Maura said: “I was screaming didn't realise it, but you know what it's just who I am. I have passion and no regrets.”

Viewers couldn’t believe what they had seen and flooded X with their opinions.

One wrote: “Between Maura’s screeching, Raj’s wow’s and Tre’s ‘adult fun’ on a LIVE shopping channel, that was the most excruciating episode but I couldn’t look away.”

Another said: “Maura is so annoying, she has to try and take over everything, screaming and shouting and literally not even talking about the product.”

A third added: “This might be the worst episode of The Apprentice of all time.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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