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Netflix viewers say 'excellent' new thriller is 'so intense they feel like crying'

Netflix viewers say 'excellent' new thriller is 'so intense they feel like crying'

The gripping new watch has had viewers on the edge of their seats

Viewers are saying an ‘excellent’ new Netflix thriller is so ‘intense’ that they ‘feel like crying’, urging others to watch – if they’re feeling brave enough.

Watch the trailer below:

With summer now done and dusted, it’s officially time to curl up on the sofa and settle in for some serious Netflix time, and with Halloween also just around the corner, many of us are in the market for a spooky watch.

One of the streaming site’s latest releases seems to fit the bill perfectly, with many viewers saying there ‘heart was racing’ throughout, but that they couldn’t stop watching.

Starring Anna Castillo and Tamar Novas, Nowhere is based on a story by Indiana Lista, who also wrote the screenplay alongside Ernest Riera, Miguel Ruz, Seanne Winslow and Teresa Rosendoy.

The new film is out now.

The situational thriller follows a pregnant woman called Mia, who is fleeing from a dystopian Spain to Ireland in a shipping container.

“Attempting to survive in the middle of nowhere is her only option,” a tagline reads.

After watching the movie, many people have warned just how ‘emotional’ they found it, but found it ‘so good’ in spite of the heart wrenching moments.

Posting about the film on Facebook, one fan wrote: “Absolutely amazing. I was glued to the TV... Worth watching... Though I kept on pausing it coz my heart was racing too much.”

Someone else said: “Watching this now oh my it’s so intense I feel like crying.”

A third wrote: “Did y’all get a chance to watch it yet???? Whewww very instense movie I love it DID YALL LIKE IT?”

A fourth added: “That was so good. Had me holding my breath a couple of times and is one of the few movies that I'll watch over and over.”

Viewers feel the 'intense' film is a great watch.

While some people admitted it felt difficult to watch from the perspective of a woman or mum, others felt that only added to their enjoyment – saying it perfectly reflected the ‘strength’ of mothers.

One tweeted: “I watched #NOWHERE on Netflix. It’s worth the watch. It just goes to show how strong us mothers are and we would do anything for our children.”

Another agreed: "#NowhereNetflix had me on the edge of my seat throughout the film. Such an incredible story that proves a mother’s resilience is the most powerful thing."

Director Albert Pintó told Netflix’s fan site Tudum that he he aimed to create a ‘tangible’ film around Mía’s story, one that was ‘raw and emotional, where you could immerse yourself in the drama of our protagonist and not detach yourself from her at any time’.

“To feel her pain and joy as close as possible, to live the survival in our own skin,” he explained, adding that Castillo’s performance ‘has elevated the film to unimaginable heights’.

Watch Nowhere on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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