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Love Island star Anton Danyluk’s mum calls out Georgia Harrison over ‘ick’ comment in brutal exchange

Love Island star Anton Danyluk’s mum calls out Georgia Harrison over ‘ick’ comment in brutal exchange

The ITV2 couple got together on Love Island: All Stars, but not before Georgia made some controversial comments

They might not have won the overall series, but Love Island: All Stars couple Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison have proven to be one of 2024's strongest duos since leaving the ITV2 villa back in February.

After coming face-to-face on the big-name series earlier this year, the pair initially endured a rocky start, with many viewers unconvinced over their romance.

In particular, many fans of the hit reality dating series were skeptical of 2017 series star Georgia's feelings for 2019 favourite Anton after she was seen telling her female cast-mates that the Scottish bodybuilder had given her the 'ick'.

Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk got together on Love Island. Lia Toby/Getty Images
Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk got together on Love Island. Lia Toby/Getty Images

For those unfamiliar with this concept, the 'ick' describes the sudden cringe feeling that a dater receives with their romantic partner behaves in a way that means they're almost immediately put off.

Speaking to her Love Island co-stars Liberty Poole, Kaz Kamwi and Molly Smith, 29-year-old Georgia initially gushed: "Anton is such a catch. He's good-looking, funny, kind - he's everything I should want."

She went on, however: "I just feel myself getting the ick a little bit and it's absolutely nothing he's doing. I can't even put my finger on where it's coming from."

As a result of her confession, fans of bespectacled heartthrob Anton aired their distaste over Georgia's comments.

"These girls are used to toxic relationships so when they get with someone with good intentions they get the ick. Anton deserves more," one hit out on social media at the time.

Georgia previously claimed that Anton gave her the 'ick'.

Another penned: "Georgia got the ick. What exactly is wrong with Anton that no one wants him?"

Thankfully, however, it appeared as though the Essex bombshell was able to get over her initial reservations over the relationship, and during the show's final few weeks, their romance appeared to blossom.

So much so, that since the series came to an end in February, the duo have shared their time between Anton's hometown in Scotland and England's southeast, and regularly share social media snaps together.

And while many fans of the pair have seemingly forgiven Georgia for her savage 'ick' remarks, one person isn't letting it go.

That individual? Anton's own mother, Sherie Ann Danyluk.

Speaking on the weekly podcast that the mother-son duo front - titled What's The Crack? - Sherie Ann actually called Georgia out on her behaviour.

"You done my nutter in," she hit out, after which the Islander replied: "Oh, I'm sorry."

Georgia went on: "I think, honestly, I think I was there, me and you got along well, like, I never once spoke badly of Anton-"

Sherie-Ann then interrupted: "You said he gave you the f***ing ick!"

"Yeah, but that's not actually speaking bad of him," Georgia attempted to defend herself. "That's just communicating how I'm feeling at the time."

"Is that an English word? The 'ick'?" Anton's mum pressed. "Because in Scotland, that's a bad word."

Georgia then replied: "It's a Love Island word. It's not something I'd actually use on a day-to-day business, but it's the way they think terminology is the best to describe when you're just not 100 percent sure on your feelings yet.

Anton's mum took aim at her son's girlfriend.

"And I think, a lot of people could have just faked that I felt a certain way at the stage that I did for the sake of getting ahead, but I was very honest with my feelings and then we came back together and got to know each other better as my journey progressed."

That's you told, Sherie Ann!

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Instagram/anton_danyluk

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