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Stacey Solomon admits to keeping her sons' foreskins in memory boxes

Stacey Solomon admits to keeping her sons' foreskins in memory boxes

The Loose Women host made the rather bizarre admission in an interview, with Solomon also admitting to keeping her kids' umbilical cords!

Stacey Solomon has admitted she kept her sons’ foreskins and put them in special memory boxes. Yep, best not to read this one while eating.

The Loose Women star made the candid confession in a recent interview, revealing she keeps ‘little trinkets’ from all her children.

While it’s important to have mementos of your kids, it seems the TV personality needs a hand decluttering after admitting to holding onto the bizarre keepsakes.

Ironically, the mum-of-five is meant to be helping other people sort through their things.

The 33-year-old is currently the host of Sort Your Life Out, a BBC show that helps families make over their spaces and declutter.

Despite appearing on the show, Solomon has admitted that she struggles to let certain things go – much to the horror of her co-host and professional organiser Dilly Carter.

And her kids' foreskins aren't the only things she's kept.

The TV personality has stunned parents with her strange mementos.
Instagram/Stacey Solomon

In a recent interview with The Mirror, she confessed: “I've got [the kids'] umbilical cords…I think I’ve got the boys’ foreskins somewhere.“

She added: “Dilly absolutely rips me to shreds over that, she’s like, ‘What is wrong with you?!’”

Her co-star’s reaction is pretty understandable, given that most parents would prioritise keeping their kids art rather than spare body parts.

Solomon even revealed that she has a special place where she keeps the strange mementos.

Solomon revealed that she keeps 'little trinkets' from all her kids.
Instagram/Stacey Solomon

The Loose Women host admitted: "They've all got each individual memory boxes. So I hold on to them in their memory boxes alongside little trinkets."

Understandably, the kids aren’t quite as sentimental as the former I’m A Celeb contestant.

She explained: “For me, my emotional things are the kids' memories. But we've been through our memory boxes before and they're like, ‘Don’t even remember that, Mum, what is that?’

“And I’m like, ‘That’s the ticket from that time we went to the cinema, don’t you remember?!’ They say, ‘Nah, why’s that there?’ Kids are brutal."

Unsurprisingly, it’s Solomon’s sons that give her the most stick about her mementos with Zachary, 15, and Leighton, 11, regularly roasting their mum.

However four-year-old Rex, whom Solomon shares with Joe Swash, has also been teasing the TV personality about the strange souvenirs she keeps.

This hasn’t put her off though, with the Sort Your Life Out host saying: “They're not at that stage in their life where they have responsibilities. Whereas when you get older, you start realising that time is a thief.

“And it goes bloody quickly and things change instantly. So you do hold on more as you get older, I think.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

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