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Stacey Solomon worries she and husband Joe Swash couldn’t give a child ‘what they need’ if they became foster parents

Stacey Solomon worries she and husband Joe Swash couldn’t give a child ‘what they need’ if they became foster parents

The comments came during Joe Swash's new BBC documentary following children in care.

Stacey Solomon has opened up about the possibility of fostering a child in the future with her husband, Joe Swash.

The 33-year-old features in the former EastEnders star's new BBC documentary, Joe Swash: Teens in Care.

The hour-long special aired earlier this week and saw the 41-year-old spending time with various teens who are at different stages of their lives in care.

In one segment, Solomon, 33, and Swash, 41, sat down to chat about whether they themselves would ever consider fostering a child as a married couple.

While the latter said it was ‘something’ that the pair could look into, the mum-of-five thought looking after a teen right now would be ‘difficult’.

Solomon said: “I think it will be difficult trying to do it with kids so young now.”

The comment is in relation to the fact that all five of her children are currently under the age of 16.

The former X-Factor contestant shares Rex, three, Rose, one, and newborn Belle with her husband - as well as Zach, 14, and Leighton, ten from a previous relationship.

Swash also has a son, Harry, 16, who he shares with his former partner, Emma Sophocleous.

Stacey Solomon appeared in Joe Swash's latest documentary.

The 33-year-old also said: “The only thing I would ever worry about is the child and I wouldn’t want to bring them into an environment where we couldn’t give them 100 percent attention or what they need.

“They’re going to need as much as any other child and more.”

Her husband responded by saying: “I think it’s something we should definitely think about.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the former I’m A Celeb contestant discussed how much ‘joy’ his mother, Kiffy, gets from being a foster carer.

“I look at my mum and you can see how much joy and passion and pleasure she gets from Daniel,” he said.

According to BBC News, Daniel, 18, came to live with Swash’s mother when he was just seven. He now lives away from home while studying at university.

Fans have called the new show a 'must see'.

Social media users have taken to Twitter to discuss the BBC fostering documentary and praise the 41-year-old for his presenting skills.

One said: “If you didn't watch Joe Swash: Teens in Care last night it is a 'must see' programme. He was excellent at presenting, relating to and empathising with these amazing young people. Not a comfortable watch by any means. More docs from Joe please.”

Another wrote: “BBC documentary with Joe Swash on Teens in Care. Such a hard watch but highlighting very important issues.”

A third posted: “Joe Swash's documentary Joe Swash: Teens in Care which aired last night, was an emotional watch as it highlighted the issues and barriers faced by our young people in care. It's available to watch on BBC player.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/staceysolomon

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