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The Shining actress Shelley Duvall dies aged 75

The Shining actress Shelley Duvall dies aged 75

The Hollywood icon's life partner shared a touching tribute following her passing

The Shining star, Shelley Duvall, has died aged 75.

The actor, who had cemented herself as one of Hollywood's biggest icons, after starring in Stanley Kubrick’s psychological thriller alongside fellow A-lister, Jack Nicholson passed away today (11 July).

Duvall played the character of Wendy Torrance, the wife of Nicholson’s axe-wielding maniac, in the chilling 1980 Stephen King adaptation.

(Warner Brothers)
(Warner Brothers)

Her life partner since 1989, Dan Gilroy confirmed that Shelley died in her sleep of complications from diabetes at her home in Blanco, Texas.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "My dear, sweet, wonderful life partner and friend left us.

"Too much suffering lately, now she’s free. Fly away, beautiful Shelley."

Tributes have since flooded in for the late star with many rushing to social media to share their condolences.

One X user penned: "She really deserved so much better, I hope she finds that wherever she is now."

A second sympathised: "So so sad."

"Nooooo :( rest in peace," commiserated a third, while a fourth wrote: "Farewell to the unforgettable, singular Shelley Duvall."

A fifth echoed: "I honestly feel so heartbroken. Shelley Duvall made me fall in love with watching actors transform on screen. Truly no one like her, we lost an icon."

Tributes have flooded in for the Hollywood icon. (Stanley Bielecki Movie Collection / Contributor / Getty Images)
Tributes have flooded in for the Hollywood icon. (Stanley Bielecki Movie Collection / Contributor / Getty Images)

"What terrible news to wake up to," added a sixth. "Shelley Duvall, you were one of a kind. A bold and original talent who gave countless iconic performances in a variety of movies, particularly 3 Women and The Shining. Thank you for making cinema a better place."

Another offered: "RIP Shelley Duvall. You were loved immensely."

And a final X user lovingly lamented: "Shelley Duvall forever and ever."

Duvall was the recipient of several accolades across her decade-spanning career, including a Cannes Film Festival Award and a Peabody Award and nominations for a British Academy Film Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

She was arguably best known for her performance in The Shining.

The film had an infamously taxing 13-month shoot, with one scene seeing Nicholson’s character tormenting Duvall’s with a baseball bat, which they reportedly had to shoot 127 times.

Duvall later opened up in 1981 about what it was like working with Kubrick, revealing that the director had her 'crying 12 hours a day for weeks on end'.

She told People magazine: "I will never give that much again.

"If you want to get into pain and call it art, go ahead, but not with me."

Featured Image Credit: Warner Brothers

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