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Samantha Faiers 'living in hotel' with her young family for over a month

Samantha Faiers 'living in hotel' with her young family for over a month

Sam Faiers is living in a hotel with her family after renovation plans caused chaos in her home.

For many of us, renovating a home is the stuff of dreams. But for The Only Way Is Essex star Samantha Faiers, it looks more like a nightmare.

Faiers has been renovating her £2.5 million mansion - but it appears as though not everything is going according to plan.

Her property has gained headlines for being enormous and stunning, but it seems as though the Faiers family are not enjoying it to its highest potential.

In fact, Faiers can't even live in the home in its current state, and has been forced to move into a hotel with her family.

Sam said: "Into our fifth week living from a hotel. This is the fifth hotel. I'm actually living from baskets at the moment."

The TOWIE star even admitted she's been using her friends' washing machine while she's without a home base.

The Faiers family are facing an unstable living situation.

Sam was previously staying at the five-star The Atlantis Royal, alongside her partner Paul and kids Paul, seven, Edward, Rosie, five and Edward, eight months.

This luxe resort can set guests back upwards of £1,000-a-night.

Some fans have limited sympathy with Sam's situation, with one commenting: "She’s not homeless she’s a millionaire, she’s just not living at her house."

However, there are also rumors that the 32-year-old won't be staying in the UK for too long.

Her collagen business has taken off overseas, leading some fans to speculate a move across the pond is imminent for Sam.

A source previously told The Mirror: "It's always been Sam's dream to move to the US. She loves it there the lifestyle, the sunshine and the people. It's got everything going for her. It's her ideal life.

Samantha may be planning another big move soon.

"If this trip goes well, she hopes to move out there for good, it's just whether she can make it happen logistically."

Another source told OK! Magazine: "Of course, Billie will be upset and miss her they're incredibly close and Billie has always pictured their kids growing up together.

"But she knows how much it means to Sam, and she can always come back to visit, or they can fly out to LA for a holiday."

"Sam doesn't want to be tied down to the UK and just thinks, 'Why not?' She's very career-minded and if she wants to do something, she'll do it."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@samanthafaiers

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