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Fans all spot the same awkward thing as Ricky Martin joins Madonna on stage

Fans all spot the same awkward thing as Ricky Martin joins Madonna on stage

They couldn't stop looking at what was going on down under...

From wardrobe malfunctions and technical difficulties to frenzied fans and awkward blunders - it's completely normal for things to sometimes go wrong on stage.

However, it's clear that some things on stage are rarer occurrences than others with the latest buzz being all about Ricky Martin, 52, seeming to get a little too in the moment with fans left in hysterics after all spotting a pretty awkward detail during his performance.

The 'Livin' la Vida Loca' singer was the latest celeb to grace the stage alongside pop icon Madonna in Miami, Florida, for her critically-acclaimed 'Celebration' tour, which is set to run until later this month.

See for yourself:

Now, this particular part of Madonna's show sees dancers strutting their stuff down the runway before receiving scores from the 'Holiday' hit-maker - who is joined by an interchangeable celebrity guest judge.

At one point during the segment, Ricky sat back in his chair while a pair of stunning dancers rocking some pretty killer outfits passionately grinded on his lap.

The two singers could be seen rating the dancers a 10/10, with Martin using the scorecard at one point to fan himself.

It was a steamy sight indeed.

Ricky Martin and Madonna took to the stage for her 'Celebration' tour.

Then, moments later one of the dancers - who had already ripped off his tearaway pants - dropped to his knees and moved his head around Ricky's crotch while another dancer joined in behind him.

The crowd erupted into a chorus of cheer but, as the dancers stepped away, attendees couldn't help but notice that Ricky's trousers appeared to feature a what appeared to be a bulge that had not been there previously.

Fans seemed certain the 'She Bangs' singer got a little too excited during the show.

Footage from the night has since been plastered across social media with many fans certain that the 'She Bangs' star was getting, let's just say, extremely excited by the whole ordeal.

Ricky even shared a clip of the show himself, captioning the post: "Thank you @Madonna my love! Always fun to be invited to the party!


People couldn't wait to share their reactions to the clip with one Twitter user writing: "Address the elephant in your pants…I mean…room."

"Wait a minute Ricky Martin is that a...." wondered a second while a third chimed in.

A fourth piped up: "Not Ricky Martin posting pole on main!!!"

"Omg what did I just watch, Ricky Martin living his best life and I am totally here for it, yes honey," praised a final Twitter user.

Tyla has reached out to Ricky Martin's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X/@ricky_martin

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