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Phil Spencer says brother jumped into river to cut dying parents from seatbelts with knife

Phil Spencer says brother jumped into river to cut dying parents from seatbelts with knife

TV presenter Phil Spencer announced that his parents had died together in a shocking car accident in Kent last Friday.

Location, Location, Location presenter Phil Spencer's parents heartbreakingly died together in a shocking car accident in Kent last Friday (18 August), with the TV personality sharing that his brother made a heroic effort to save them.

The elderly couple, Anne and David Spencer, were submerged upside down in the water in their vehicle after reportedly driving very slowly over the bridge.

Announcing the tragic news, Phil wrote: “It feels horrendous right now, but after almost 60 years of marriage - to die together on the farm they so loved will, I know, be a comfort in the future.

“There were no physical injuries and I very much doubt they would have even fought it - they would have held hands under water and quietly slipped away.”

Phil Spencer’s parents

Anne Spencer was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and David had dementia which was worsening.

The presenter said that his mum told him that it was looking likely that the couple would 'probably go together'.

He described the incident as 'what God had planned for them'.

Now, the TV star has revealed his brother had jumped into the river to cut his parents free from their seatbelts.

Phil said: “As many farmers do - my brother had a penknife and so was able to cut the seatbelts.

“He pulled them out of the river but they never regained consciousness.”

Their carer was also in the car, but managed to escape out of a back window and quickly raised the alarm that the pair were trapped.

All three were on the way to lunch when the incident happened on their farm in Littlebourne.

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.

The Fire and Rescue team in Kent were alerted and spent 90 minutes at the farm.

A spokesperson from Kent Fire and Rescue said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 12.38pm on Friday August 18 to reports of a car in the river near Bekesbourne Lane, in Littlebourne, near Canterbury.

“Three fire engines and a water safety unit attended, and crews assisted SECAmb and made the scene safe.”

Kirstie Allsopp, co-presenter of Location, Location, Location, said: “They were farmers, animal lovers, and devoted parents, the only blessing is that they died together, so will never have to mourn the loss of each together.”

Their carer, who was in the vehicle at the time of the incident, sustained minor injuries, however it is not known who was driving the vehicle at the time.

Words: Mia Williams

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kirstiemallsopp/@philspencertv

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