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People in shock after TikToker Nara Smith makes bathroom essential from scratch

People in shock after TikToker Nara Smith makes bathroom essential from scratch

'Trad wife' Nara Pellman is renowned for whipping up homemade meals from scratch - as well as other home supplies, apparently

Ever since shooting into the social media spotlight last year, TikTok star Nara Smith has made quite the name for herself in the somewhat niche 'tradwife' market.

For those unfamiliar with the trendy term, it tends to describe women who believe taking a homemaking role within their marriage - often by leaving their careers to focus on their family - has nothing to do with sacrificing their rights.

And ever since the video-sharing app surged in popularity, the Lesotho-German-born former fashion model - who is married to model Lucky Blue Smith - has been at the forefront of this entire lifestyle, having accumulated thousands of online followers by sharing videos from her somewhat obscure home-life.

Nara is famous for her 'tradwife' representation. (Instagram/@naraaziza)
Nara is famous for her 'tradwife' representation. (Instagram/@naraaziza)

Among the numerous trends the 22-year-old partakes in are the insights she gives into the homemade meals and remedies she whips up for her loved ones.

But some people are baffled about her obsession with making easily accessible foods from scratch, because we're not just talking about freshly-baked bread or home-whipped ice cream here, guys.

Just last week, the online star hit the headlines after crafting her own bubblegum from the comfort of her kitchen counter.

Talking to her viewers at the time, mother-of-three Nara began to explain how her sister-in-law was coming to visit the family and spoke about how she had been craving gum.

Instead of buying it for her, however, the TikToker, she decided to show a step-by-step process of creating your own, using corn syrup, a gum base, powdered sugar and a flavouring additive.

Though it's undoubtedly impressive, viewers of the video were all left saying the same thing about her recipe.

Someone said: “No making bubble gum is wild.”

Another said: "You’re actually joking me now."

You can only imagine her fans' utter shock earlier today, therefore, when the social media sensation revealed she and her hubby had even gone one step further by creating their own bathroom supplies - namely, homemade toothpaste - after realising they were 'all out'.

Dentists, look away. You're not gonna like this...

Mixing bentonite clay with water in a bowel 'until it's all smooth', Lucky went on to add coconot oil, baking soda and stevia (intensely sweet-tasting plant), as well as a drop of peppermint essential oil.

"We love our toothpaste quite minty, so we added a lot of essential oil before mixing that up one last time and transferring it to a glass container," she explained.

The social media star is famed for her 'tradwife' clips. (TikTok/@naraazizasmith)
The social media star is famed for her 'tradwife' clips. (TikTok/@naraazizasmith)

"I know everyone's teeth are different so this might not work for everyone, but the smell and texture of this, I love having it on hand."

And once again, the revelation has come as somewhat of a surprise to her followers, many of whom had no idea it was possible to craft toothpaste at home.

Others, however, couldn't help but lovingly poke fun at the clip.

"You have bentonite clay but not toothpaste. Nara u are too funny please," one teased.

Another went on: "She’s hilarious and it’s even more hilarious y’all don’t understand how satire her content as gotten"

"Bro Tesco's is a 5 min drive from my house do you want me to get you some," joked a third.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@naraazizasmith

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