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Molly-Mae shares hilarious update on 'poltergeist' in Bambi's room after hearing 'footstep sounds'

Molly-Mae shares hilarious update on 'poltergeist' in Bambi's room after hearing 'footstep sounds'

Molly-Mae has finally revealed what the noise was

Molly-Mae Hague has finally given an update on what the ‘footstep sounds’ in Bambi’s bedroom actually were.

The 25-year-old shared a concerning clip with fans on her YouTube channel last week, claiming she could hear ‘footstep’ noises coming from her and Tommy Fury's daughter's room while she slept.

The noises were being detected by a baby monitor, which showed volume levels fluctuating throughout Bambi's nap.

In the video, a confused Molly-Mae told viewers: “Not meaning to alarm anyone… Bambi’s just having her first nap, and when there’s a sound made on the monitor, little soundbars flash up.

"And, guys, the soundbars keep flashing up, there’s like this weird banging and tapping noise coming from her room.

"It almost sounds like scratching."

Molly-Mae finally cleared up what the noise was. (YouTube/MollyMae)
Molly-Mae finally cleared up what the noise was. (YouTube/MollyMae)

She went on: "I just went in there to check because I thought maybe one of the cats was trapped inside her room because that's happened before and there’s literally nothing in her room.

"It's not her because she's fast asleep.

“It’s a bit peculiar isn’t it, looks like we’ve got a poltergeist.”

Well, the mum-of-one has since cleared up the cause of the puzzling noise after fans started speculating what it could have been.

One person on TikTok said: “Someone’s not hacking their monitor are they??”

Another speculated: “Could be a mouse.”

A third added: “A bird or a tree tapping on the window?”

It turns out that it was, in fact, none of these things at all.

In her most recent video, Molly-Mae casually touched upon the subject, saying: “Quick, boring update on the poltergeist in Bambi’s room.

“I really hooked a few of you in there, it wasn’t intentional.

“We sussed out the poltergeist, and it’s a very boring end to quite an interesting story."

She admitted she is 'terrified of that kind of stuff'. (YouTube/MollyMae)
She admitted she is 'terrified of that kind of stuff'. (YouTube/MollyMae)

“It was just a fan in her room,” Molly-Mae revealed.

She went on to say how ‘happy’ she was about the ‘boring’ conclusion, as she wasn’t keen on having a poltergeist in her daughter’s bedroom, and we can’t say we disagree.

“I’m terrified of that kind of stuff,” Molly-Mae added.

In the next clip, she can be seen cuddling up to Bambi, who was born on 23 January, 2023.

And that was the only relationship-milestone for the couple that year, as boxer Tommy proposed to Molly-Mae on 23 July.

Despite her millions of followers online, Molly-Mae is never far from the centre of an unnecessary amount of trolling.

She recently came under fire after booking a Ryanair flight for her sister Zoe's Hen party to Ibiza.

People claimed it was unfair, after booking a private jet for her friend's surprise birthday trip not long before.

However, Zoe addressed the backlash in a YouTube video, where she said Molly-Mae paid for everything on the Hen-do, but just asked people to pay for their own flights.

She described her sister as ‘generous’, and was unhappy about the amount of hate she had received.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/MollyMae/Instagram/@mollymae

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