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Louise Redknapp breaks silence on new boyfriend Drew Michael

Louise Redknapp breaks silence on new boyfriend Drew Michael

Louise was spotted out and about with her first boyfriend since her split from Jamie Redknapp in 2017

Louise Redknapp has broken her silence on her new beau as she addressed her ex husband’s new marriage.

The notoriously private former popstar, 48, stepped out in public with her boyfriend, Drew Michael, 39, for the first time this week.

“It’s so difficult with your personal life… it’s all good,” she told MirrorOnline.

Louise Redknapp and her sons.

“Yeah, I’ve got nothing else to say on it, everything about it has already been written.”

Louise broke up with her husband Jamie Redknapp, 50, in 2017 after 19 years of marriage.

Following their split, Jamie married model Frida Andersson in 2021 just a few weeks before their baby boy Raphael was born.

Louise and Jamie married in Bermuda in June 1998. They have two son together, Charley, 19, and Beau, 14.

Earlier this year, Louise told The Sun that she wasn’t fretting about finding a new boyfriend after remaining single for six years following the end of her 19-year marriage.

Louise and her eldest son Charley.

She also revealed the reason why she hadn’t been on the dating scene since her divorce.

“I’m just open to what may happen,” she says. “I’m not actively out there looking. It’s not my number-one goal in life.

“But, if it goes that way and I met somebody who swept me off my feet and was amazing and kind and great, then I’d be so open to exploring that.

“But no, I’m not downloading apps. Well, not at the minute…

“I’ve put so much into rebuilding my career after a long break. Opportunities don’t just happen because people know who you are.

“And for me, it’s really important to be respected in what I do.

“If I did meet that great person, I would never hide it. If they are right, they are right. And I would be the first to embrace it and share it.

“But I’m not at the stage in life where I want to just do something for the sake of it. If it happens, it happens. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

In an interview with HELLO!, Louise admitted that the divorce and Jamie's new marriage could have a lasting impact on her sons.

"I've felt this as a mum and, to say this in the most sort of respectful way, my boys' lives changed dramatically and then it changed again when obviously Jamie got married and had a family,' she said.

"Their life changed and I felt like I needed to be their one staple."

Featured Image Credit: Joe Maher/WireImage/LinkedIn

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