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Fan reveals what they think Kylie Jenner said to boyfriend Timothée Chalamet during viral moment at Golden Globes

Fan reveals what they think Kylie Jenner said to boyfriend Timothée Chalamet during viral moment at Golden Globes

The Hollywood couple made their first official public appearance at last night's Golden Globes

Last night, the biggest names from the world's of film, directing, producing, music and writing came together for one of the biggest nights of the year to celebrate 2023's most impressive achievements.

Hosted by stand-up comedian Jo Koy, viewers of this year's Golden Globes witnessed several show-stopping moments, including when Oppenheimer swept the floor with all other movies by bagging the top prizes.

The historical drama's director Christopher Nolan left fans teary-eyed after thanking the late great actor Heath Ledger following his first ever win.

And Taylor Swift was left visibly unimpressed by the host's incessant jokes about her love life and romance with Travis Kelce.

But it wasn't just the prestigious ceremony and victorious moments that have set fans tongues wagging today, as most of the evening's drama took place from the audience of the grand soiree.

In fact, one of the most talked about scenes from last night's show was the moment one of the cameramen panned to audience to see formerly rumoured couple Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet appearing to confirm their romance with a series of sweet kisses.

The couple looked extremely loved-up.

Though they opted not to appear on the red carpet together, their sitting together during the ceremony marks the Kardashians star, 26, and Wonka actor's, 28, first official public appearance together.

The loved-up duo were spotted several times during last night's show, appearing deep in an intimate conversation, with Timothée leaning in to land a kiss on Kylie's lips twice.

Having sent their respective fanbases' wild, many viewers of last night's show have been attempting to lip-read the conversation that the pair were having before they locked lips.

And though neither Kylie's or Timothée's representatives have yet confirmed what the duo were talking about, one fan is adamant she's cracked the case.

The pair sat together at last night's Golden Globes.
Christopher Polk/Golden Globes 2024/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images

Known as @sneakybrownnoser_ on TikTok, this social media star recorded a voice-over from the clip, of what she believes was being said.

And it allegedly went a little bit like this...

Timothee: I love you.

Kylie: I love you.

Timothee: Thank you for coming out.

Kylie: I only care about you.

*Timothee leans in for a kiss*

Kylie: I wouldn't miss something like this.

*Kylie then reaches out and touches his necklace*

Timothee: Yeah, like it?

Kylie: Yes, it's so nice.

The couple were caught smooching several times.

And while thousands of viewers of last night's show were happy to see that the young-in-love pair were confirming their romance in a very public way, others joked that they didn't expect to see the couple 'make out every 29 seconds' when they switched the Golden Globes on.

One penned on social media: "I stayed up all night and all I've seen was timothee kissing kylie all night."

A second joked: "Kris Jenner must be a part of the camera crew or something every break they get a angle of Kylie and Timothee"

Ahh, young love!

Tyla has contacted Kylie and Timothée's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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