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Jennifer Love Hewitt hits back at claims she looks ‘unrecognisable’ in new photos

Jennifer Love Hewitt hits back at claims she looks ‘unrecognisable’ in new photos

Jennifer Love Hewitt wants you to know that she doesn't care that you think she looks older

Celebrities are often scrutinised by both the public and media for the way they look, whether it’s due to the aging process or other factors.

But that doesn’t mean they take it lying down.

For instance, a recent onslaught of negative comments regarding The Ghost Whisperer actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has taken a hilarious turn after she hit back at negative nellies.

After a simple picture of her new haircut sparked fans to make fun of her aging face, calling her ‘unrecognisable’, Love Hewitt released an empowering message to share with the world.

The image in question was a quick snap her hairstylist uploaded of the A-Lister, with a social media filter overlay.

It wasn’t long until the 44-year-old was inundated with nasty online comments regarding her appearance.

Switching things up from her usual dark tresses, Love Hewitt decided to go for a bob instead, with her stylist Nikki Lee captioning the Instagram snap: “Was time to spice things up…”

Sadly though, commenters began to claim that the actress had gone under the knife and speculated which specific procedures she’d had.

A former fan even branded the beauty ‘unrecognisable’.

Another commented on a photo: "Wow … Jennifer grey syndrome. Eye lift, lips, nose job it’s all so different. Would never guess this was you."

Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn't mind looking older.
Instagram/ @jenniferlovehewitt

But Love Hewitt wasn’t letting it slide and immediately began to troll the trolls.

The star decided to upload several pictures of herself donning the most obvious facial filters along with hilarious captions accompanying them.

These images included over-plumped lips, large eyes, slimmer nose and more to mimic plastic surgery.

She wrote on her story: “So many people said I look different…I look the same as always. Couldn’t look more natural. I woke up like this. Filters don’t change you that much.”

As other people called her out for not wanting people to ‘know how bad she actually looks now in her 40s’, it seems as though she’s shutting them down, one funny post at a time.

But it was her empowering message on aging that had the final laugh when she appeared on a recent episode of the Inside of You podcast.

Love Hewitt hilariously poked fun at her haters.

She said: "Aging is Hollywood is really hard. You can't do anything right.

"I was getting my hair done and I had not a stitch of makeup on. So, I threw on a filter. I really gave it no thought."

But after she received harsh feedback on her filtered photo, the actress was left baffled.

She explained: "A bunch of people were like, ‘Jennifer Love Hewitt is unrecognizable.' 'She's unrecognizable, so she's gone to filters because she doesn't want us to know how bad she actually looks now in her 40s'. This is crazy, right?

But Hewitt’s joking only fanned the flames and she explained: "They were like, ‘Well, now she's just defending herself and why is she defending?'"

"I realized I can do no right.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jenniferlovehewitt

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