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GMB's Susanna Reid explains the real reason she decided to stop drinking alcohol

GMB's Susanna Reid explains the real reason she decided to stop drinking alcohol

Susanna ditched the booze five years ago.

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid has revealed why she gave up drinking alcohol five years ago.

Susanna, 53, explained at the time that she had gone sober due to a high body mass index (BMI) as well as suffering with 'hangxiety' the day after a drinking sesh.

But it seems there was another reason why Susanna decided to ditch the booze, telling GMB co-host Richard Madeley on Wednesday that she had taken the advice of her doctor.

Susanna Reid has revealed why she's given up drinking.

"I gave up drinking because a doctor said you should try giving up drinking... for the sake of your skin, and I think sometimes if you've got a different motivator other than, 'I'd just like to give up drinking'," she explained.

"He said it can make you look very flushed and I was getting all sorts of breakouts as a result of drinking.

"Of course, if you to say to someone we're going to cure your skin by giving up alcohol, that's a proper motivator."

Susanna said that once she had given up drinking, if she did happen to have one or two tipples occasionally, she instantly noticed the impact it had on her skin.

"And then after I'd given up, if I had just one I would instantly see it on my face. It was a big demotivator for drinking," she said.

The Good Morning Britain presenter spoke about the benefits of being sober.

Back in 2019, Susanna opened up about her drinking habits and the effect it would have on her the next day.

Speaking specifically about her 'hangxiety', she told the MailOnline: "It was a sort of fizzing feeling, when you can’t find peace, your body is just so agitated.

"I never drank when I was working, but, on nights off, I’d have a couple of glasses of wine. And Piers and I would have these big nights out at the Groucho Club in Soho, which were wonderful.

"But I haven’t done one of those since I stopped drinking. Basically, I’m a lot less fun now - as Piers tells me all the time."

Susanna even revealed that a potential date ghosted her after she revealed she no longer drinks.

Susanna said she suffered with 'hangxiety'.

"Just like that, he stopped making arrangements. It just ceased to be. A lot of people just think you’ll be no fun on a night out," she revealed.

Susanna has lost two stone since she stopped drinking alcohol, but she's now trying to cut down on her caffeine consumption after recently revealing she has as many as eight cups of coffee and tea a day.

To be fair to Susanna, she does get up mega early!

Featured Image Credit: Kate Green/Getty Image / Instagram/@suannareid100

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