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Glen Powell speaks out after fans spot huge problem with his cannibal dating story

Glen Powell speaks out after fans spot huge problem with his cannibal dating story

Hit Man actor Glen Powell previously opened up about a near-cannibalistic encounter that a friend had reportedly endured

He's the silver-screen star that's on everybody's lips right now, but apparently Glen Powell isn't just a talented actor (or total heartthrob!).

It turns out that the 35-year-old is also a riveting story-teller, having recently recalled a torturous dating tale which left even the most hard-faced of listeners feeling squeamish.

Following the release of his latest blockbuster Hit Man - an action-comedy in which he plays an undercover police contractor who poses as a reliable hitman in an attempt to save a damsel in distress - Glen appeared on Jake Shane’s podcast Therapuss last month, during which he opened up about the stomach-wrenching encounter which reportedly almost cost a family pal their life.

The disturbing story began with the actor disclosing that it had happened to an acquaintance of his sister, who'd gone on a rather successful first date with an unnamed guy, who then suggested they go back to his place.

Sounds pretty normal so far, right?

"As she got back to his apartment, she started getting weird vibes like 'something feels off'. He's like, 'Can I give you a massage?' And she's like, 'Sure'," Glen explained.

Anyone else hearing alarm bells yet?

Glen continued: "He starts massaging her shoulders [...] Everything just feels odd. She’s like, 'I gotta get out of here'. He gets a little weird 'Like, no, please don't leave, sorry', she leaves."

And just as listeners suspected, the story took an even more sinister turn when the woman in question allegedly visited a doctor after the area in which her doctor had rubbed the cream began to itch...

The horror story blew listeners' minds. (YouTube/Jake Shane)
The horror story blew listeners' minds. (YouTube/Jake Shane)

"She goes to the doctor […] It turns out it’s a black market lotion that breaks down skin for human consumption," he claimed.

"This man was rubbing lotion on her body to eat her. The doctor is like 'you have to give me this person’s address and you should call the police'. They go to this guy’s house, and he had several bodies in the house."

Don't say I didn't warn you, guys!

Anyway, following his podcast revelation, listeners were initially both blown away and sickened by his Glen's claims, with one even penning in the comments: "Glenn just drops the most INSANE CRAZY serial killer story in the middle of the episode."

Since his spine-tingling admission, however, the Anyone But You actor's story has been the subject of mass scrutiny over whether it's actually true or not.

And apparently, they were right to question it, with many media outlets now claiming that it's actually an urban myth, which has been passed along for years.

Glen Powell had no idea his story was an urban myth. (Nicola Gell/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)
Glen Powell had no idea his story was an urban myth. (Nicola Gell/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)

The reality has also come as a shock to the actor himself, who took to social media today (11 June) to apologise for claiming the story was centred on someone he knows.

Taking to X, he confessed: "Props to my little sister’s friend who told her this dating story… I’ve been telling this for years. I’m questioning my whole life now.

"False alarm. Back rubs are back."

And fans were quick to reply to Glen's post, with one writing: "Love that you never questioned the authenticity of this story."

Another joked: "I’m so glad 'I was told this and I thought it was true so I told everyone but it’s not true and now I feel stupid' is a universal experience."

While a third commented: "This makes it even funnier."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Jake Shane

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