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'The Reckoning': New BBC Series On Jimmy Savile Is Coming

'The Reckoning': New BBC Series On Jimmy Savile Is Coming

The Reckoning will tell the story of Jimmy Savile from the start of his career and explore how he got away with his heinous crimes.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

The BBC is bringing out a mini-series following the life of Jimmy Savile, tracing his rise to stardom as well as his dazzling fall from grace after death.

The TV drama will show Savile from his early years performing in the dance halls of northern England right through to his career with the BBC and his elderly life, exploring how he managed to get away with his heinous crimes for so long.

It will also depict how he sought to dispel the truths which were rising up about him, in a bid to protect his legacy.

In order to ensure the series is depicting the story sensitively and "with respect", producers are said to be working with those whose lives were impacted by the renowned rapist and paedophile.

The series will centre around Jimmy Savile's life - and his disgrace after death (

They'll also draw on "extensive and wide-ranging research sources" in order to effectively tell just how horrendous his crimes were, and the impact they had on the lives of his victims.

The entertainer, best known for shows such as Jim'll Fix It and Top Of The Pops, not only managed to keep his crimes out of the media during his life, but also concealed his crimes from those he loved.

He used multiple organisations, such as prisons, hospitals, charities and even the BBC to paint himself as a credible individual, who would do no wrong.

But the series will demonstrate how he used his volunteering and philanthropy as a "smoke screen" to hide his evil.

We don't yet have a cast for the new series, but we'll update you as soon as we know more.

The drama will start in Savile's early years (

Explaining his motivation behind making the series on such an evil individual, executive producer, Jeff Pope, said: "I think this is a story that has to be told. We must understand why a man like Jimmy Savile seemed to remain immune for so long to proper scrutiny and criminal investigation."

Meanwhile, Piers Wenger Controller, from BBC Drama, says: "The story of Jimmy Savile is one of the most emotive and troubling of our times. We do not intend to sensationalise these crimes but to give voice to his victims.

"Drama has the ability to tackle sensitive real life subjects and consider the impact of a crime on its survivors and what lessons can be learnt to stop this ever happening again."

The drama will also show Savile in his elderly years, seeking to clear his name (

Jeff Pope is working alongside writer Neil McKay to bring the drama to life, and the pair are no strangers to telling difficult and harrowing true crime stories.

The pair also worked on Bafta winning Appropriate Adult, which told of the relationship between serial killer Fred West and his appropriate adult, as well as Bafta-nominated The Moorside, which chronicled how the community dealt with the disappearance of Shannon Matthews.

This is going to be a harrowing but powerful watch.

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