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Fans Are Calling Netflix's 'Tell Me Who I Am' The 'Most Disturbing Documentary They've Ever Seen'

Fans Are Calling Netflix's 'Tell Me Who I Am' The 'Most Disturbing Documentary They've Ever Seen'

The doc tells the story of Alex, who woke up from a coma after surviving a motorcycle accident in to find he couldn't remember anything.

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

*This article contains spoilers about the documentary*

Netflix's latest documentary Tell Me Who I Am has been branded "chilling" and "disturbing" by viewers, who have been left upset by the heartbreaking real-life story of the Lewis twins.

Based on the 2013 auto-biography of the same name, the series tells the story of 18-year-old Alex, who woke up from a coma after surviving a motorcycle accident in 1982 to find he couldn't remember his own name, family or home.

The only person the Londoner recognised was his identical twin brother Marcus, who he relied on to re-learn the world around him; his girlfriend, friends, parents and the strict rules of their family home.

However, the idyllic childhood described by Marcus ultimately concealed a dark and painful family secret, which he decided to withhold from his brother, believing it would protect him.

Beginning to share their trauma, Marcus emotionally explains to camera: "We're identical twins; we're bonded, and this thing was so strong that it almost broke us apart.

The doc tells the story of two brothers and a dark family secret.

Alex adds: "The secrets I need answers to are in Marcus's head. But they're deep in his head, so it would almost seem reckless in terms of what we are going to find."

Following the death of the mother, the twins were tasked with clearing out their family home and suddenly Alex had access to rooms, which were previously locked and deemed forbidden.

Alex suffered amnesia after a motorbike accident when he was 18.

After finding a nude image of himself in a locked cabinet, Alex, then 32, learned that he and Marcus had been sexually abused by their mother until the age of 14 - instead of telling his brother what had happened to them, Marcus shut down and never spoke about the extent of the abuse to anyone.

Twelve years after first learning of the abuse, Alex demands Marcus to tell him the whole truth of what happened to them for the documentary, which wasn't discussed in their memoir.

Marcus tried to conceal a secret from their childhood.

When the truth comes out on-camera, it's horrifying, shocking and simply upsetting.

Since it landed on the streaming service on Friday, 18 October, viewers have taken to Twitter to share their absolute horror about the brothers' story.

One viewer tweeted: "Just watched Netflix's Tell Me Who I am. It is one of the most chilling true story documentary ever... A disturbing narrative that proves to me...the heart of man is desperately evil" (sic).

The documentary arrived on Netflix on Friday, 18th October.

"Tell Me Who I Am on Netflix is disturbing and almost too awful to believe... but it's worth the watch. Mentally prepare yourself for some deeply terrible sh*t," another shared.

A third wrote: "So did anyone else watch Tell Me Who I Am on Netflix yet? It absolutely gutted me.

"It was right up there with Dear Zachary in the emotionally disturbing but fascinating department. It was so beautifully made and so heartbreaking."

Another posted: "Tell Me Who I Am on Netflix is one of the most bizarre and emotionally impactful stories I've ever seen. Made it to the end and I think I'm changed forever. Never had my heart completely broken and healed again in the space of 90 mins."

"Oh my god. Has anyone else watched 'Tell Me Who I Am?' on Netflix? It's a psych thriller but it's REAL. I can't quite believe what I am watching. Quite incredible. Horrific too. Those poor brothers," a fifth shared.

Tell Me Who I Am is available to stream on Netflix now

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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