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People Are Shook After Finding Out The Teletubbies' Ages

People Are Shook After Finding Out The Teletubbies' Ages

How did that happen then?!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Panic over guys, the Teletubbies have had their Covid-19 vaccines - phew!

Posting on Twitter, the official Teletubbies account wrote: "We're all vaxxed! Just in time for a Tubby hot summer. Who's ready to come out & play?"

The account shared images of each Teletubby's 'vaccine card' - and some eagle eyed viewers spotted their birthdays.

Well - you might be surprised to learn that Laa Laa, Dipsy, Tinky Winky and Po are now - wait for it - 18 years of age!

Yes, really. How did that happen?!

The Teletubbies have been vaccinated! (

All four Teletubbies have the same birthday - 20th February 2003 - and according to their vaccine cards they've all been given a shot of the Noon-son jab or the Astra-Tubica!

All vaccines were administered at the Home Dome Clinic and guess what? Even Noo-Noo managed to get one, with a separate image showing Noo-Noo wearing a 'I've had my Covid vaccine' sticker.

But social media users were distracted by the Teletubbies' ages, with many in complete shock over the revelation.

One wrote: "How yall born in 03 when I was dressed as Po for my 4th bday party in 99."

"While another added: IMPOSTERS where are the real teletubbies cuz ya'll sus thinkin ur born in '03."

People were shocked by their date of birth (

And one said: "This is somewhat incorrect, the first time the Teletubbies said "Eh-Oh" in the show was in episode 2 which aired in April 5, 1997."

"They were born in 03? Who the f**k did I watch then before that?!"

Hmmm, according to Google, Teletubbies did begin in 1997.

But that wasn't the only concern social media users had. One wrote: "1. Why did they get 2 shots of J&J 2. Why is the second dose in the future 3. Why is their birthdate 6 yrs after their first epi 4. HAS THE VACCINE EVEN BEEN TUBBY TESTED!?!?!"

Noo Noo has also been vaccinated (

All very legit concerns! We just don't know what to make of this...

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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