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People Are Only Just Discovering Gary Oldman And Laila Morse Are Brother And Sister

People Are Only Just Discovering Gary Oldman And Laila Morse Are Brother And Sister

Sirius and Big Mo... who knew?!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

TikTok users were mind-blown this week after discovering a connection between EastEnders and the Harry Potter franchise.

As it turns out, Laila Morse - best known for playing 'Big Mo' Harris in the long running BBC soap - and Academy Award winner Gary Oldman are in fact brother and sister.

Yep, Big Mo and Sirius Black are related.

TikTok user @martha_madden4 posted a video with the caption 'two actors I refuse to believe that they are siblings' which was followed by a series of pictures featuring both Gary as Sirius and Laila in character on Albert Square.

Gary Oldman is known for playing Sirius Black in the Harry Potter films (
Warner Bros.)

The comments section was flooded with shocked users, with many wondering how they never noticed their familial connection before.

One user said: "Hold up what I literally had no idea."

"No this is a lie I'm living in the matrix surely this cannot be true my whole world has been rocked," added a second person.

A third viewer wrote: "Legitimately had to Google it because I was shook."

Laila Morse has played Big Mo in EastEnders since 2000 (

Gary was married to Kill Bill star Uma Thurman, which led to even more shock once TikTok users identified another connection.

"Okay so at one point in time Uma Thurman's sister-in-law was Mo from Eastenders... incredible," another person joked.

While another woman joked: "Honestly cannot tell you which sibling is more iconic here."

And if you were wondering why they have different surnames, the answer is even more surprising. "Laila Morse" is actually a stage name for Maureen Oldman.

Laila and Gary pictured together (

"Laila Morse" was suggested by Italian actress Isabella Rossellini who was dating her brother Gary at the time. The name is actually an anagram of "mia sorella" which is Italian for "my sister".

In February, it was announced that 75-year-old Laila is to leave EastEnders after more than 20 years.

She has played Albert Square's finest market dealer since 2000, with writers planning a special send off for one of the soap's most iconic characters.

Her departure will air this spring although an EastEnders spokesperson confirmed to Metro that her departure may not be permanent and she may be back sooner rather than later.

The spokesperson said: "Just like many occasions before, Big Mo will be departing Walford but as always she'll no doubt be back in the not too distant future."

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Warner Bros.

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