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People Are Losing It Over Gemma Collins 'Twin Room' Answer On The Weakest Link

People Are Losing It Over Gemma Collins 'Twin Room' Answer On The Weakest Link

The GC had viewers giggling over her incorrect answer...

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Gemma Collins has left fans in hysterics after she incorrectly answered how many beds are in a twin room on the celebrity instalment of The Weakest Link.

Watch the moment here:

Dressed as an angel for the festive special, which aired on December 23, the TOWIE star was asked by host Romesh Ranganathan: "Gemma, in hotel accommodation, a twin room has how many beds?"

"One," she answered looking somewhat bewildered to the easy question. To which Romesh responded: "Incorrect, it's two."

After the round finished, the comedian turned to the GC to question her about incorrect answer when she hilariously justified the blunder.

She quipped: "I only stay in suites or penthouses so when I got asked that question twin beds, double, I really didn't know the answer."

In response, Romesh laughed: "Was there any part of you that thought that maybe twin has something to do with this?"

The Diva Forever star proudly answered: "No".

What an absolute icon.

Gemma had viewers giggling with her comeback to answering her question incorrectly (

Proud of the exchange, the TV star took to her Instagram on Wednesday to share the rib-tickling snippet and it quite rightly left her followers branding her a "legend" in the comments.

One wrote: "Love you Gemma you're an absolute legend" (sic).

"What an icon," another shared. "Most iconic person ever," a third echoed.

A fourth commented with a great suggestion for her next game show: "So so iconic, we need to see you on The Chase next queen GC".

Another penned: "You made that show".

"LOOOOOOOOOL SHE GETS BETTER," a follower excitedly shared. "Forever an icon".


Despite winning over fans with her comeback, it wasn't enough for Gemma's teammates.

After answering the simple question incorrectly, she was voted off the revamped game show by Kym Marsh, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Christopher Biggins, and Bonnie Langford.

What can we say other than better luck next time, Gem!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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