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Netflix's Cheer Address Child Pornography Charges In Series 2 Trailer

Netflix's Cheer Address Child Pornography Charges In Series 2 Trailer

Hold on to your hats, the docuseries' latest instalment is about to take a dark turn...

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Netflix delighted their viewers yesterday when they dropped the new trailer for docuseries Cheer - and this time the stakes are even higher.

Watch the trailer below:

Two years after the series first premiered, coach Monica Aldama ready to lead her cheer squad to another national championship and hopefully keep their title despite stiff competition from nearby Trinity Valley Community College.

The cheerleaders at Navarro College not only have to up their game against their rivals but they also have to contend with the fallout of their former teammate Jerry Harris' shocking child pornography charges.

The trailer begins with reintroducing us to familiar faces La'Darius Marshall, Gabi Butler, Lexi Brumback and Morgan Simianer as well as new teammates gearing up for their national competition.

And while tensions mount about their impressive rivals, things take a dark turn when the clip addresses the controversial arrest of season one's fan favourite Jerry.

A radio announcer is heard reporting: "One of the show's breakout stars is facing a 15-year sentence."

Former Bulldogs cheerleader Jerry Harris was arrested by the FBI in September 2020 (

A stunned Monica then says: "I can't even, like, process it right now," before putting her head in her hands while shots of his upset Bulldogs teammates are shown.

Although the trailer doesn't name Jerry directly, a split-second shot of him in tears is flashed on the screen.

Jerry was arrested by the FBI in September 2020 after he was accused of exploiting and sexually abusing at least 10 underage boys.

The Netflix star pleaded not guilty to seven charges last December after he was accused of convincing several minors to send him sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves.

Speaking on the decision to address the controversy, series creator and director Greg Whiteley told Variety: "Jerry would've been impossible to ignore because it impacted the team so severely.

"'The series covers events as they unfolded, beginning in January 2020 through April 2021, so the charges against Jerry Harris are covered in depth in episode five."

Jerry's teammates are seen distraught in the trailer (

The director also revealed that Jerry had been filming for season two at the time of his arrest.

After the trailer was released, fans of the docuseries flocked to social media to praise the team for coming back for a second season in light of the pandemic and Jerry's charges.

One fan of the series commented: "I had no idea that they'd come back after the whole scandal. I'm so happy for them. I can't wait".

"After everything that happened, I'm so happy they bounced back. Their cheer team is a safe haven... for ALL of them," another remarked.

A third added: "I was worried they wouldn't film a 2nd after everything that happened. I'm happy they found a way to keep sharing their stories!!"

"This was honestly one of the best Netflix originals that I watched last year and I'm so excited to for it come back," a fourth shared.

Cheer season 2 is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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