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These Are The New Bombshells Shaking Up The 'Love Island' Villa

These Are The New Bombshells Shaking Up The 'Love Island' Villa

Not one but two Lukes are being thrown into the mix…

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

*This article contains spoilers for Wednesday night's episode of Love Island*

Things have been tense in the Love Island villa since the shock arrival of Rebecca Gormley on Monday. But the drama is only just beginning, as ITV has just announced the arrival of two brand new bombshells.

Allow us to introduce the two Lukes: Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbott.

The duo are sure to set pulses racing as they arrive into the mix - and there are certainly a couple of single girls who are currently hoping for some fresh meat (*cough cough* Siânnise and Jess).

But will both Lukes play it safe or will they wreak havoc and break up another love match? Let's find out a little bit more about the hunky pair...

Luke Mabbott, 24, heating engineer from Redcar

Luke Mabbott is hoping to find love in the villa (

Tattooed heartthrob Luke Mabbott, 24, has set a New Year's resolution to find a girlfriend - so he's certainly headed to the right place!

The heating engineer is from Redcar - a seaside resort in the north-east of England - but he's jetted all the way to South Africa in the hopes of meeting his match.

Luke says he's often mistaken for pop sensation Justin Bieber, and was even once served free drinks in a club because of their striking likeness.

He has got his eyes on not one but four girls: Paige, Sophie, Shaughna and Rebecca... so he's not too fussy, by the sounds of it.

However, it looks like Finley should be a little worried, as he adds: "I've definitely got my eyes on Paige the most, she is definitely my type."

Not only is feisty Scot Paige Luke's favourite of the bunch, but he's also a massive Lewis Capaldi fan, and even claims the singer's his hit 'Before You Go' sums up his love life.

Hey, you know that song is probably about Paige, don't you Luke?! It must be a sign...

Luke Trotman, 22, semi-pro footballer and student from Luton

Luke Trotman is Love Island's next bombshell (

Luke Trotman, 22, describes himself as "energetic, positive and smiley" - and he's certainly easy on the eye, too.

The semi-pro footballer and student from Luton is after a woman just like his celeb crush, Jessica Alba. So, not a big ask at all, then...

He says he's "looking for someone who's got a bit of something about them," and is attracted to women who are "intelligent, pretty, confident, bubbly".

Luke's favourite girls in the villa so far are Leanne, Siânnise, Sophie and newbie Rebecca, and he isn't worried about stepping on anybody's toes to date them.

While he doesn't think bro code is an issue in Love Island, he says he'd like to think he would be upfront with the other guys before making a move on their partner.

"You've got to do what you've got to do. In the Villa, you've got to back yourself," he says. "I'm quite relaxed."

The sportsman isn't in the villa to mess around either, and claims that once he's settled down with a girl he's always loyal.

"My parents met when they were teenagers and are still together now so that's what I want," he explains.

We can't wait to see who both Lukes end up with...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram: Luke Trotman/ Luke Mabbott

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