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The ‘Love Island’ Baby Challenge Returns Tonight And It's Set To Be A Corker

The ‘Love Island’ Baby Challenge Returns Tonight And It's Set To Be A Corker

The boys are really taking to fatherhood...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Love Island returns tonight with the infamous baby challenge, and it looks like it's set to be a corker.

Every year, the islanders are given a toy baby to look after in their couples - but like a real baby, it cries, needs changing and generally demands a lot of attention.

And this evening on the ITV show, the babies are back to put the couples to the test and see how strong they are as a team.

In the first look teaser, the islanders are woken up to the sound of the little infants crying - and once they meet their new offspring, it becomes instantly clear that some are definitely taking to parenthood a little more than others.

Callum is a doting dad tonight (

Luke M and Luke T appear to be doting dads, even taking their new kiddos with them to workout in the gym.

Meanwhile, Jess doesn't seem too bothered about motherhood, instead leaving Ched to do all the work while she lies on the daybeds and relaxes.

While Callum cradles his and Molly's baby affectionately, and is the first to dash and pick him up from the cots, Molly moans: "I'm not a fan of babies".

"The boys have taken to it so much more haven't they?" the girls reflect later.

The girls are taking to motherhood much less well (

But as one push-chair goes hurtling towards the swimming pool, have they spoken too soon?

It's not just the baby challenge that's sure to be gripping TV tonight, as the islanders are also dropped with a bombshell - there's a shock dumping.

Mike reads a text instructing everybody: "All islanders must gather at the fire-pit immediately".

Who will be safe in tonight's recoupling? (

And they look nervous as they take their seats in their couples and await their fate.

But as the islanders receive texts revealing if they are safe or at risk, who will be ditched from the villa?

Love Island returns to ITV2 tonight at the later time of 10pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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