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It's Officially Mean Girls Day, So Here Are All Their Greatest Burns

It's Officially Mean Girls Day, So Here Are All Their Greatest Burns

"Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen."

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey

"On October 3rd he asked me what day it was..." Well, Aaron Samuels, it's October 3rd and it's officially Mean Girls day.

Not only is it the one day of the year dedicated to celebrating the iconic teen film, it's also a Wednesday and we're sure you got the memo, but on Wednesdays, we wear pink.

As Cady Heron soon learned, a huge part of being a cold, hard, shiny plastic was contributing to the Burn Book - a place where Regina George, Karen Smith and Gretchen Weiners would take pictures of everyone from their year book and add less than complimentary comments.

In order to pay homage to possibly the most quotable film in history, we're taking a little look back at Mean Girls' all time greatest burns, starting with Regina George's two faced compliments.

Nothing says b*tch quite like paying a compliment to someone's face, only to turn around and slate them moments later behind their back, and Regina was the absolute queen at this.

"Oh my god, I love your skirt. Where did you get it?"

"Um, it was my mom's in the 80s..."

"Vintage - so adorable."


In fact, the only thing more savage than the Mean Girls ripping into unsuspecting students at North Shore High School was when they ripped into each other, and of course it was poor Gretchen Wieners who got the brunt of this.

Now, we all know that Gretchen is such a good friend because even though Regina wouldn't let her wear the gorgeous white gold hoop earrings that her parents got her for Hanukkah because 'hoop earrings were her thing', she still didn't tell anyone about Regina and Shane Oman hooking up in the projection room above the auditorium.

But, despite Gretchen's undying loyalties, Regina still pushed her to the curb at every given opportunity, particularly when she told her to 'stop trying to make fetch happen'.


Duh, Regina - it's like slang from England.

Even Karen Smith wasn't safe from Regina's scolding outbursts. She found out the hard way when she was trying to cheer Regina up after Aaron broke up with her when he found out about her hook-ups with Shane Omen.

Karen kindly suggested that they do something fun, like going to Taco Bell, when Regina rudely reminded her that she can't go to Taco Bell because she's on all-carb diet, thanks to Cady's magic diet bars that 'burn carbs'.


Perhaps though, some of the films most underrated burns came from the unsuspecting Janis Ian, who of course persuaded Cady to hang out with the Mean Girls so she could get her 8th grade revenge.

But, the plan didn't quite go as Janis had in mind when Cady began planning solo missions in a bid to get Regina's man.


After succeeding to do nothing but make Regina's face smell like a foot, Cady grabbed enough cheese and crackers for 10 people and then planned a small get together at her house on the night of Janis' art show.

Obviously, after Janis found out why Cady had missed her show, she and Damien called round to give her a few home truths.

"Did you have an awesome time? Did you drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and then just sit around and soak up each others awesomeness?"

"You know what? You're the one who made me like this so you could use me for your 8th grade revenge!"

"God, see, at least me and Regina George know we're mean. You try to act so innocent like, 'Oh, I use to live in Africa with all the little birdies, and the little monkeys!'"


"You know what! It's not my fault you're like, in love with me, or something!"

"See? That's the thing with you plastics. You think everybody is in love with you when actually, everybody hates you! Like, Aaron Samuels, for example, he broke up with Regina and guess what? He still doesn't want you! So why are you still messing with Regina, Cady? I'll tell you why, because you are a mean girl! You're a b*tch!"

Someone remind Cady, Damien wants his pink shirt back.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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