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People Are Calling The 'I May Destroy You' Finale "Mind-Blowing"

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

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People Are Calling The 'I May Destroy You' Finale "Mind-Blowing"

Featured Image Credit: BBC

*Warning: contains spoilers*

I May Destroy You is the most talked about show on TV right now - somewhat ironic, given that viewers are saying the show's "mind-blowing" finale left them speechless.

The hit BBC series ended in a head-spinning Groundhog Day-style episode, with Arabella (Michaela Coel) appearing to recall her attacker when she returned to the bar where her drink was spiked.

Creator Michaela Coel - who rose to fame in E4 hit comedy Chewing Gum - has been widely praised for the series, which cracks open all kinds of conversations about consent and sexual assault.


I May Destroy You is semi-autobiographical; Coel herself was a victim of sexual assault while she was working on the second season of Chewing Gum.

The show follows lead character Bella (Coel) as she grapples with her own trauma, following a rape in a nightclub toilet by a man who spiked her drink.

Jumping between blurry flashbacks and the present day, we - along with Bella - try to piece together what happened that night.

Across the series, Coel explores consent from multiple points of view, skilfully examining how the lines can become blurred.

One storyline sees Bella have sex with Zain, a man from the world of publishing who has been assigned to help her with her novel.

In an act referred to as 'stealthing', Zain removed his condom during sex without Bella's consent. At the time, Bella is confused as to whether 'stealthing' counts as sexual assault. Later in the series, we see her gain the courage to out Zain as a rapist during a literary event.

Gay consent is explored with the same level of detail. In one scene, Kwame, a gay friend of Bella, consents to protected sex, but is then assaulted.

A subsequent encounter with the police highlights the differences in how male and female rape victims are treated.

The final episode - which sees a number of dreamlike endings play out, including Bella avenging her attacker and creating an elaborate backstory to 'explain' his actions - has been hailed as "sublime" and "a masterpiece" by viewers.

"Absolutely floored by the finale of I May Destroy You. Michaela Cole is truly a master of her craft and the whole series was sublime," tweeted one moved viewer.

"I may destroy you is absolute artistic perfection. That finale was mind-blowing! We do not deserve Michaela Cole," agreed another.

"The last episode of I May Destroy You.. mate i'm literally speechless," chipped in a third.

Viewers called the Groundhog Day-style final episode of 'I May Destroy You'
Viewers called the Groundhog Day-style final episode of 'I May Destroy You'

Others called the series "the best thing on telly right now" and "game-changing" viewing.

One thing's for sure: the necessary conversations that I May Destroy You has jump-started are far from over.

All episodes of I May Destroy You are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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Mary-Jane Wiltsher
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