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GMB's Susanna Reid Just Shot Down Tony Blair Over Hair Complaints: 'Welcome To Being A Woman'

GMB's Susanna Reid Just Shot Down Tony Blair Over Hair Complaints: 'Welcome To Being A Woman'

The former Prime Minister received a lot of criticism for his mullet-style haircut.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid has opened up on how brutal it can be to be a woman in the public eye.

The broadcaster, 50, spoke candidly about her experiences online after Tony Blair appeared on the breakfast programme to discuss the recent furore about his new hair-do.

The former Prime Minister, 68, caused quite the stir on social media when a photo of him emerged with a mullet-style haircut.

Tony Blair's hair confused with its longer tresses (
ITV News)

"I asked my people what had gotten the most traffic about this last year, and they said, actually, it was your hair," he laughed to Susanna and her guest co-host, former Labour spin doctor Alistair Campbell.

"Okay, so welcome to being a woman on television," Susanna replied forthrightly. "Because frankly, what you look like, what you wear and what your hair looks like, is probably the main thing you get traffic about.

"You grew your hair a little longer...welcome to my world. A little insight into how the other half lives."

Like in most aspects of life, women are subjected to more scrutiny and more internet debate than men - particularly when it comes to their appearance.

Susanna Reid had little sympathy (

Studies have also shown that women are disproportionately trolled online when compared to men.

So, while we will play the smallest violin in the world for your hair-scare, Tony, most of our sympathies are with the women that face this intense scrutiny on a day to day basis.

Beyond the chat about his new aesthetic, the ex-politician appeared on the programme to praise the UK's rapid vaccine roll-out, with over 35 million adults thought to have had at least one of the two jabs necessary to protect themselves from the potentially deadly Covid-19 disease.

"We've done a great job on vaccines, so that's good," he said. "But there is vaccine hesitancy, particularly around Astra-Zeneca. But if you look at the details, [the hesitancy] isn't really justified at all.

Susanna Reid has been subjected to scrutiny about her appearance (

"People are turning away Astra-Zeneca when they desperately need it. What I'd like the UK to do is set out the data on the vaccine publicly, you'll lay to rest a lot of fears about it."

Featured Image Credit: GMB/Twitter

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