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Frozen Prequel 'Once Upon a Snowman' Has Just Landed on Disney+

Frozen Prequel 'Once Upon a Snowman' Has Just Landed on Disney+

It's the perfect film to get us into the festive mood!

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

A prequel to Frozen featuring everyone's favourite snowman, Olaf, has just dropped on Disney+ and we couldn't be more excited.

Once Upon a Snowman will focus on Olaf's first moments as a snowman in an animated short film exclusive to the streaming service.

Watch the trailer here:

Following on from his infamous appearances in 2013's Frozen and last year's Frozen 2, this new film "follows Olaf's first steps as he comes to life and searches for his identity in the snowy mountains outside Arendelle," so says the film's synopsis. Intriguing!

In the previously untold story, we finally get to see Olaf's side of the Frozen adventure, right from his first moments in the snow.

Everyone's favourite snowman, Olaf, is back with an identity crisis in this new Disney offering (

"Every snowman starts somewhere," teases the trailer as it introduces us to our favourite snowy character.

We then see Olaf head to Oaken's Store to find a "sense of self" as he tries to discover his name.

"I kind of look like a Fernando... or a Trevor," Olaf ponders as he looks at himself in the mirror, but Oaken disagrees.

"I'm off to find my name," he then exclaims as he heads off into the snowy mountains on his new mission.

Though fans fell in love with the character, voiced by Josh Gad, in the first two Disney films, it is only now that we're getting a glimpse into the real Olaf.

"This is an idea that started to form when I was an animator on the first Frozen," said Once Upon a Snowman's director Trent Correy.

Olaf sets out to find his name in this short animated film (

"Dan Abraham and I are so grateful and excited to have had the opportunity to direct this short, working with our incredible colleagues at Walt Disney Animation Studios."

And fellow director Dan Abraham added: "Josh Gad gives one of the great animated voice performances as Olaf through the Frozen films."

We couldn't agree more!

Once Upon a Snowman is available to stream on Disney+ now.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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