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'First Dates' Contestant Tricks Date Into Thinking She's Won £100K

'First Dates' Contestant Tricks Date Into Thinking She's Won £100K

Viewers couldn't believe what they were seeing after watching the awkward exchange.

Rachel Pugh

Rachel Pugh

Every bitter single person will know that bad first dates are the actual worst, and provide nothing but a toe-curling story to tell your mates after everything goes tits up.

But if you think you've been unlucky, spare a thought for poor Georgia - a 'First Dates' contestant who got tricked into thinking she'd won £100k on a scratchard ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. The shame.

The whole prank started when Georgia's date, also called Georgia (you can't make this stuff up), handed her a dodgy scratchcard as a gift.

Passing it to her, Georgia number two exclaimed: "I didn't know what to bring, so I actually brought you a scratchcard. Good luck!"

Georgia number one quickly rubbed off the card, and couldn't believe her eyes when she appeared to have won big.

Channel 4

Like most of us would, she didn't hesitate in listing through things she wanted to spend her newfound fortune on - including a last-minute holiday and no less than three Range Rovers. Fancy.

However, she came back to earth with a bump after realising the card was a fake, exclaiming: "Are you f***ing joking?!"

Unsurprisingly, viewers were quick to react, with many slamming the savage attempt at humour.

"I really fell for that scratchcard win of £100k then finding out it was fake I'd just walk out on my date just from sheer disappointment of all the things I can't buy with no £100k lol," said one unsuspecting Twitter user.

Another said: "Fake scratchcard... Scratch her eyes out Georgia." (Bit savage).

"Honestly I would've binned off anyone who pulled that fake scratchcard gag," said somebody else.

And, as if that wasn't all awkward enough, it also transpired that Georgia had already been on a date with other Georgia's niece. THE HORROR.

But despite all the odds , the two Georgias actually turned out to really like each other, and ended the date with a cute kiss and an agreement to see one another again. The course of true love never does run smooth, I guess.

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