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Disney Fans Spot Sexual Assault Scenes In Hercules

Disney Fans Spot Sexual Assault Scenes In Hercules


Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We loved all the classic Disney films when we were kids, and relished spending rainy afternoons cuddled up indoors watching our favourite animated musicals.

It's a tradition some of us kept up into adulthood, re-watching the classics when we're bored or need a pick-me-up.

And some of us have realised the context of some scenes as we've got older, pointing out issues which had previously gone way over our heads as kids.

For example, take 1997's Hercules, which features a number of nods to Greek mythology .

One fan noted a particularly disturbing inclusion during Megara's solo song I Wont Say (I Love Him) in the Disney hit.

As Megara sings that she won't admit her feelings, TikTok user @elldramaticaromantic, noticed the statues Megara is standing close to actually depict sexual assaults.

Megara sings about her plight (
Walt Disney Studios)

Posting the video on social media, she's heard exclaiming: "Woah, hold on! So I never noticed this before, but in Hercules, in the part where she says I won't say I'm in love, there's a part where she says 'I thought my heart had learned its lesson.'

"The statues she passes by - these aren't love scenes, these are assault scenes from Greek mythology wonder she's trying to be cautious.

"I never noticed this."

While it is an abhorrent and disgusting crime in modern society, rape was a common trope in Greek and Roman mythology.

Greek mythology depicts women as vulnerable to assault, able to escape only through death, or metamorphosis, and trying to escape or avoid rape sees only further force applied later.

However, Hercules and Megara have a happy ending (
Walt Disney Pictures)

Helen of Sparta, a figurehead in Greek myths, is raped by Paris (sometimes known as Alexander) ahead of the Trojan War. Helen's rape is symbolic for all Ancient Greek women who must be protected from invading forces.

Zeus, who also appears in Hercules as the titular hero's father, also commits rape in ancient Greek tales. One of the most famous stories from the era sees Zeus, the king of gods, rape Io, a mortal princess.

Disney has always paid close attention to detail in its films, not only pointing towards cultural references but also including Easter Eggs other films in their series.

Zeus is a problematic figure in Greek mythology (
Walt Disney Studios)

For instance, in Frozen, Rapunzel from Tangled can be seen in the background with her short brown hair just for a split second.

Scar, from The Lion King can also be spotted in Hercules, as the Nemean Lion Hercules has to slay as part of his 12 labours.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios

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